Contemporary white litchen cabinet doors!

momomomoJuly 16, 2008

I am renovating my first kitchen now and I had many thoughts about appliances on this gardenweb! Now I would like to know "contemporary (Italian style) simple cool looking white kitchen cabinet door that matches white marble counter top and brand new wolf range!!!

White cabinet door can be shiny or mat finish.

Anyone who have white italian kitchen and cabinets! Please share your thoughts with me! Shiney finish vs mat finish? good and bad points of white cabinet? what material is the best to make wood door white contemporary? Posting photos will be deeply appreciated!!

Thank you!

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White will always look dirty unless you always clean it. Matte finish is easily repaired with liquid paper. White is the new fashion color. Consider having your cabinets made from Formica, it won't chip as easily as Italian made.

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Semi Gloss would be the more appropiate finish, easy to clean, not too shiny and not too dull in sheen. As far as wood type try paint grade maple hardwood doors and drawer fronts. Looks great with paint finishes. Have you ever considered a swiss coffee white color with perhaps a light glazing. Check out Taylor Cabinet Door they have an excellent paint grade maple doors all sizes are custom made at great prices. Contact them for pricings and color block samples to be sent out.

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I renovated my kitchen with a combo paint grade MDF and paint grade hard maple cabinet doors and fronts painted white with BM Satin Impervo paint. Love the paint. It is easy to clean, hard as nails once it is cured out. It has just the right sheen, not glossy, but like a semi gloss. I used to hate light painted cabinets in the past because I never could keep them clean. This paint is fantastic.

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