window leaks when it rains

summerblueSeptember 20, 2011

January 2010 we got a new window for the living room. It is a 5 window pane casement window. Every time we have a heavy rain in has been leaking in the right bottom corner. The people who put the window in have been out a few times and caulked on the outside.

The window that was there before was original to the house and never leaked. The new window is a slight bow. The old one was set back and square. The window guy is saying that because the new window is a slight bow that it is the stone around the window that is causing the leak and it is not the window. I feel that the old window never leaked before, with the same stone. Am I wrong? What do I do? I am having a friend come and caulk any cracks or openings in the stone to see if that helps. Any ideas? I am a recent widow and I feel like they are giving me the run around.

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Sounds to me like they are giving you the run around, too. Leaks are sometimes difficult to figure out. You haven't mentioned the brand of window or whether it's wood, vinyl etc. It's entirely possible the leak is occuring in the area of the roof and then trickling down. Hard to say.

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Hi, I don't know the brand of the window but it is vinyl. It was put in by a local company who has done work on most of the houses around here. I hope when my friend caulks it stops the leaking. I just don't know what to do if it continues to leak after that. Thanks for your response.

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could be coming from the roof. that said, lower end vinyl windows tend to leak, thats why i always recommend higher end vinyl windows. did your contractor give you a cheap price?
did he use a cheap window?

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Open one of the sashes and take a look to see if there is a label somewhere. I would also look at the receipt and see if it states who the manufacturer is. Did you get any competitive estimates before buying? Did you check the company out by asking for some references? It's very possible this is a bad install or the window is of such poor quality that it sags under it's own weight.

Vinyl Bay and Bow Windows generally use a steel cable that attaches into the roof joists in your home. I have seen hack jobs where the installer only uses knee braces under the window and then tries to screw it into the old frame. This eventually will lead to the top of the window leaning and pulling away from the exterior wall at the top. This could be the source of the water coming in. Again, hard to say. What does the company that installed the window think they should do about it? Have they contacted the manufacturer? This whole deal smells wrong on several different levels.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Post up some pictures.

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Caulking is at best a temporary fix.

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What I could fine about the window on the bill- All new wood framework and moulding. Not sure if it says low E or F glass with argon gas. It was somewhat hard to read. The window is wood on the inside vinyl outside. We paid just over 3000.00. The label I found on the window says, NAMI, NFRC 100/200, code ACU, rating, NFRC, series, 2001 casement, MST 18411.
NFRC, ACU 1-12, 05-M Double Glazed, Blend Fill

Not sure who the exact manufacturer is. We did not get competitive estimates, just about every one in this neighborhood has used this company for their windows that is why we went with them.
The man who came and sold us the window has been out and he is telling me that it is the stone work and not the window causing the leak. I have tried to explain that the stonework never leaked with the oringinal window. I have mentioned that I would like a new window but that is when he keeps going back to the stone and saying because now that it is bow window water is getting in. I don't agree with him. I am fed up. I guess I will try and find out more about the manufacturer and get in touch with them. Thank you for the help. Oh and I cannot post pictures, I don't have a camera.

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You might want to suggest that you feel your neighbors need to know about your experiences with this company. Perhaps letting him know you might send out a flyer would get him to be a little more responsive.

What is he suggesting you do, just live with it? I would ask him who the manufacturer is and then contact them.

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I've thought about letting the neighbors know somehow. I like your idea! And your right, what does he want me to do, live with it? I am going to be calling him soon and ask who the manufacturer is and try and get in touch with them. Thanks for your advice!

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While your at it tell him you will send the flyer to the Better Business Bureau as well!

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