Vinyl windows with diamond grid?

tooniedogSeptember 1, 2011

I am looking for double-hung vinyl replacement windows that are available with diamond grids in the top sash. I know that Simonton makes these, but apparently only for their "Eastern" division. I am in Idaho and using a dealer in Washington state, who is saying he'll have to get the glass from the East and put it in frames from the West and it will end up costing about $800 more for the 6 windows that I want.

Are there other companies of quality comparable to Simonton that make what I want?

Thank you for your help.

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Why doesn't your installer just get it from a distributor in Idaho and save you the $800?

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He says that as a dealer he is able to buy directly from Simonton, and if he has to buy the whole window from a distributor the price will be higher because of their markup. At any rate, according to the Simonton website, the same lines are available in Idaho as they are in Washington, so I'm not sure that buying in Idaho is the answer.

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While possible, that does not sound right to me.

I think the grid patterns that are available for both the East and West divisions of Simonton are the same.

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