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franksmom_2010August 4, 2013

DH and I have made an offer on this:

It's a very old barn that's been converted to living space, and it sits at the front of a very pretty 10 acres. This would be our weekend getaway, practice farm, investment property. We still haven't decided exactly what we'll do with the place, but think there's a few possibilities. The very first task will be a very thorough cleaning, and the removal/replacement of some yucky features.

The living space is actually two separate areas, with their own entrance and meters. It would have been more fun if it was all one space, but it is what it is. The upstairs has some gross drywall, gross carpet, and a number of other issues, but the downstairs...oh my. This was the photo that made me gasp and swoon, and declare to DH that I MUST HAVE THIS BARN.

The wood floors on the bottom apartment are the original barn floors.

The kitchens are small and have almost no storage or counter space. There is no closet, *at all* for the upstairs bedroom. There are 3 windows for the entire downstairs, and 4 for the upstairs, so lighting is an issue. The stairwell that leads upstairs has no balusters or railing of any kind on the "open" side. The whole place is just filthy dirty, and we've seen evidence of mice. The showers (no tubs) are new-ish fiberglass stalls.

The lower 3 barn stalls and tack room are still as they have always been, including the very cool, very old sliding doors and iron hardware, all surrounded by very old wood that doesn't look like it's been muddled with in the last 100 years. A number of the light fixtures are at least stylistically appropriate for the space.

I've always wanted to live in an interesting place. I grew up in a 1970's ranch, and that's what we live in now. How much fun will it be to finish and decorate a unique place that can be as weird and funky as you like, and still look right? To say that this place "needs work" is a bit of an uderstatement. I don't think I could live there 24/7, and I don't know if we'll end up doing major renovations someday. For now, we plan to clean and fix and finish it out in stages, just enough to make it a little nicer and lot more functional, so we can have a very cool place to hang out on the weekends.

Unfortunately, I don't have good photos of anything. The listing pictures are horrible, and we weren't able to take pictures at the second walk through. There are currently renters there, but I hope to get at least some better pics when we go for the inspection. We should here back tomorrow about our offer.

In the meantime, I am simultaneously giddy and charmed, and filled with dread that this may be a "pig in a poke" LOL!

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Omg I Love it! But I would have to put a horse or two in there and then build my own living quarters lol!

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How fun! Are both units currently rented? since this won't be your main home, I might consider keeping one of the tenants so there'd be some income to offset the improvements you want. And they could be done with the intention of having it one day being a single unit. Good luck!!

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Very cool! I think fixing it up would be great fun. I hope your offer is accepted.

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Ooh, very cool, indeed! Hope you get it, then we can all enjoy watching your progress ;-)

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Thanks so much!

Rereading the first post, I make it sound kind of like a dump. I suppose in some ways, it is, but mostly everything we've seen is just cosmetic, and can be fixed with paint and flooring and a good cleaning. There is also a lot of stuff that belongs to the renters in there, so it's hard to really visualize what all it can be with that distraction.

If we get it, my plan of action is to first give it a really good cleaning, including ripping out the carpet in the upstairs unit. Then we're going to address the lighting- replace burned out bulbs, replace ugly fixtures, etc. Then I'll decide what comes next once we can really see it in a different light-pun intended.

I'd like to finish installing the wood on the downstairs walls, and I suspect that we'll paint that. I think the combination of the metal ceiling, wood floor, and wood walls is going to be too much for me. There's one wall in the bedroom that is the original unfinished barn wood, so that would stay, but those pine boards need paint, I think.

I'll be scouting out the Restore and Craigslist for wall cabinets, and each kitchen has room for at least a small base cabinet. The kitchens are small, but the floorplans aren't bad, and I think they could surely be made much more functional with better storage.

The upstairs doesn't have any really interesting features besides the stairwell, except the ceilings are very high...I would say 12 feet as a guess, and follow the roofline of the barn, so there's slanted walls and angles and such. The bedroom is massive, so there's definitely room enough to add a closet. The vanities in all of the baths look quite new and have an espresso finish and granite countertops....not necessarily what I would have chosen, but I can make them work.

Both units are rented, but by a family, so they're leaving as a group. We could certainly lease out a pasture or two to help fund all of this, though. Either way, this is going to be a low budget rehab, with most of the labor coming from us.

I'm excited and nervous!

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Oh, wow, I love this! I love that metal ceiling. What's the floor like?

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ever so much character! its already got a huge WOW factor. Please keep us posted as you progress with your decorating in making this your own. This is gonna be fun!

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Well, after much negotiations, we may have a deal. We won't close for a while, so I'm trying to keep my heart (and wallet) in check until someone hands us the keys, but.... wheeeeeee!!!

Nosoccermom, The wood floors don't look nearly as mottled and rough in person as they do in that pic, but I don't know if it's a camera trick or if they've been reifnished. My recollection was that they weren't horrible, and they were wide and dark. That kitchen pic that you posted is very close to what I have imagined in my head.

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How exciting! Congratulations. Hope the deal goes quickly and smoothly.

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I'm only on my dinky iPhone so it's a bit hard to see and read ..,, but what I see is fabulous!!! How exciting. Good luck with your offer.!

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Wow, what a fun adventure! Hope you get it, and please don't forget the progress pics!

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