New Orleans Code Min-Max of plug & switch?

VincentChuApril 27, 2014

Hello, Does anyone know what is the Min-Max height of plug & switch in New Orleans.

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There are none.

There might be some codes that apply, but your question is so vague that we can't know which ones do.

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Ron Natalie

There are requirements but they are so broad under the electrical code as to be disregarded (you're not thinking about putting the required ones 6' up the wall are you?). Some jurisdictions prescribe some ADA guidelines which are roughly 48" above the floor.

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Are you looking for a height requirement for a plug/switch combo in the same box behind the same plate, or are you looking for the requirements for switches on the one hand and plugs on the other?

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Most, if not all, ADA height requirements for devices only apply to commercial buildings that have public access. In your own home, there are very few to worry about.

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