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ashley1979September 14, 2011

According to DS..."On second thought, SHE'S the custodial parent so she should pay everything."

Aaah! Nothing like an angry, irrational ex to make one feel like letting their kid go over there to live!

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Maybe dad thought his contribution was a one-time thing, 'bout nine months before child was born?

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I guess! I think he actually thinks he is doing me a service by taking DS every-other weekend.

And what gets me is that he spent the entire Labor Day weekend lecturing and yelling at DS. Like that's going to make him want to choose living with him over me. *sarcasm intended*

Oh, and he and his stupid GF said awful things about me and DH, claiming to "know how we are." Like DS really wants to sit there and be told that half of his DNA is "controlling and mean."

How does that idiot think that makes his son feel?

So, yet again, DS comes home and I have to mop up the mess his stupid dad and GF made, but this time I didn't do it alone. I told DS that I wanted him to talk about this in front of DH so he knows what's going on. DH was APPALLED to hear all of this directly from DS's mouth, instead of mine. I guess puts things in a different perspective coming from DS.

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I think that's what my mom did? Lol sent me to my Dad's to teach us both a lesson. Me: grass isn't greener Dad: it cost a lot more than your 20% of income to feed and clothe and raise a kid.
Dad sent me back real quick and I got a new attitude. Lol

I love the quotes. We should make a thread with just ex quotes that come through the kids. LoL actually probably a bad idea because we shouldn't be laughing at our kids being put in the middle BUT it's not like we are going to read the list to the kids right?

Here is mine: Dd was 6. My dad said that you are... Well you are... I can't remember the word but it is a big word and I think he thinks you are fat.

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I love it!! My best quote from recently is:

"The email I got from DD's tutoring has the wrong date on the registration packet, and I don't have enough time to contact them. I'm so busy doing _______________(as he tells me all about his busy life for 10 minutes, including doing a talk show interview and promoting for big name clothing company and and and)."

Me (thinking in my head) Oh, I understand busy... I get up at 5am, work 8 hours, pick up YOUR daughter, drive her to tutoring, afternoon activities, etc.... then manage homework, dinner, laundry, house cleaning, etc.


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I love when my ex likes to make his job loom ubber important by telling me he has a business trip and will be out of town and can't get Dd. At first I thought wow he goes on business trips... But then when we were in therapy his 'business trips' consist of him being on a job site 'out of town' meaning out of 'his' town, 40 minutes away. We live in a metroplex so I guess it would be safe to say 'I go on a business trip daily by traveling 'out of my town' to my office in another town.' lol he thinks he is so important with his business trips. Lol

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Myfam - that's what my X does. He always thinks anything having to do with him is more important than anyone else.

Silver - Ha ha ha! That is seriously funny...not to mention aggrivating.

Now they are even sending back DS's clothes unwashed. At least I could count on his clothes that he wore over there or any uniforms he wore for the weekend coming back clean. They think they are getting back at me or hurting me, but they aren't. It's no big deal, for me, to throw the clothes in the washer with all the other stuff. But to DS it's embarassing to wear dirty clothes back or to carry a bag of dirty sports clothes around in his backpack all day.

And they don't understand that when they put me down and call me names and say stuff like I "tricked" them it makes DS feel like half of himself is whatever awful thing they say. It doesn't hurt me because I don't hear it and I don't let their insults dig at me. But DS does because he's a kid who loves both of his parents.

I find myself feeling the old hurt and fear I felt when we were married, and I HATE myself for it!

I feel hurt like that 23 year old girl walking on the side of the road at 2:30am crying and trying to get to my parents house because my drunk husband forced me out of the car and took off.

I feel scared like I did a few minutes later when my drunk husband pulled up in front of me, screamed to me "If you ever want to see your son again you'll get in the car" with my sleepy-headed 3 year old little boy staring wide-eyed at me, wondering what happened because his father went into his grandparent's house, grabbed him out of bed, and stuck him in the car when he thought he was spending the night, and all I can think is "if anything happens tonight I'd rather die in the car with my son than to let my son die by himself."

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Ashley... you are much better off now if that's what your life was like before. That sucks so bad!

My ss went to his bm's this weekend wearing gray Nike pants and a gray tshirt..... I packed a whole weekend full of clothes both warm and cool so he had everything he needed. He came home wearing the exact same thing. The clothes were packed in the exact same way I sent them.... meaning the kid didn't even change clothes once. I guess I'm glad I didn't have to wash the clothes but geeesh.... he was obviously unshowered and the clothes were three days old by then.

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ashley - what a sad story!! i dont really know what to say but yhou are a strong woman for leaving!!! good for you! and your son!

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Ashley that is awful! I'm so sorry

I have two new quotes! I have two new quotes!!

Dd told me tonight:
'they think you are mellowdramatic and you are all about drama.'

This actually offends me. She is 10 how the hell does she know these two words? And I'm so tired of them talking about me ugh! I wish they would just get my name out of their mouths.

Dd also told me
'SM told me that she can't touch my hair because you cut it and it's damaged now'

I know these aren't funny but I'm so pissed I needed to share. I don't know how long I can keep smiling and saying, 'it's ok that doesnt hurt my feelings. I'm sorry they keep saying these things to you'

And I'm so tired of my daughter spending the night with SM's ex husband it makes me sick that Bd sends our daughter to be with another man!

And the best part: there is nothing I can do about any of this.

My lawyer is just done. Won't return my calls or emails. I just give up. I can't afford another lawyer right now... It's like Bd and SM just keep winning no matter what I do.

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Myfampg, I'm so sorry! She is 10 and should not know those words at all. Those totally came out of their mouths.

I really think that maybe not sending her is the answer. BD never answers your emails or calls, just don't answer his. He's going to have to take you back to court for contempt, will he? AND... if you document EVERYTHING then maybe the judge will see it for what it is. My friend kept her kids because of things like this and his contempt charges were thrown out. Also, ds11 sperm donor took mom number 2 to court for contempt for her keeping their ONE kid (they have 2 and he doesn't care about the other), she had enough proof that it also got thrown out. Maybe it's just my state but I really think it's worth a shot.

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