Rewiring T5 socket (2 wires) to 1156 bayonet socket (1 wire)??

wynswrld98April 17, 2010

I have some 12v landscape pathway lights that have T5 wedge bulbs/sockets, want to replace sockets with 1156 bayonet bulb sockets (so I can use 1156 bayonet LED bulbs which provide the lumens I'm after which T5 wedge LED bulbs cannot).

There are two wires coming out of the T5 wedge sockets but the 1156 bayonet sockets I'm finding only have one wire coming out of them so how do I wire this considering I have two wires coming into the fixture but only one wire coming out of the 1156 socket?

I'm a total newbie to electrical wiring, sorry if this is a "dumb" question.


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The automotive 1156 socket has two connections......

One wire to the base of the bulb.....

The second is the shell of the socket.....the shell is grounded to the chassis of the vehicle

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