This is why pool wiring is not for amateurs

Ron NatalieApril 18, 2014
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Putting lights under water seems like a stupid idea to start with.

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"After the incident, a contractor found an important ground wire to the pool light wasn't connected and may have sent a full 120 volts to the fixture, instead of just 12. The heavy current appears to have accelerated the steel casing of the light which allowed water to seep into the fixture."

Ummm Whaaatt???????

"Local 10 also obtained the report from that inspection and it shows the electrician made another discovery that he found troubling; the entire house isn't grounded. The report shows it's missing two copper ground rods. It's unclear who removed the rods, why and how long ago."

Ummm OK so the ground rods would've saved his life??

Hopefully there is someone on that investigation that knows what they are doing.

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Ron Natalie

Never expect the press to get anything technical right. I suspect the investigator got it right. I suspect he missing "ground" wire and rods were a failure to bond the lighting niche or such. I doubt it was miswired with 120V rather than 12 just that the interviewed investigator said that this fixture used 120 rather than 12.

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Comical as well that they think someone removed grounding rods. They were probably never there to begin with, probably an older service originally using a water pipe electrode.

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So sad.

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Ron Natalie

And it happened again, fortunately this time without fatalities (though it could have been worse).

Here is a link that might be useful: Three kids shocked

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