theeggshellladyOctober 8, 2008

I finally finished up a piece I was working on all summer.

This one was very different from what I usually do, so I was unsure of the outcome. This past weekend there was an art show that I go to every year and I thought I'd take a chance and enter my "Antelopes". And to my surprise it won best of show!!! Here is a picture:

This is all made from eggshell. Sorry it's not a better picture.

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Oh, my gosh, Lady! How extraordinary. You are an artist with truly unusual talent. The antelopes are wonderful, and I'm so happy to see another piece from you.

Did you cut the shells to give that sharp edge to their forms? How in the world did you do the grass blades? I'm also fascinated by how your backgrounds change color. Is that in the original dying of the shells?

You have a unique and wonderful talent, and you KNOW I love your work. CONGRATULATIONS on winning!! It's no surprise to me!

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Awesome, that is so fantastic, looks like a painting, I have no idea how you make such a piece of art from eggshells!! This is gorgeous, reminds me of some the the art you see in caves historically. and that yellow grass, the the colors.. I just can't describe it but it's fantastic.

How do you seal these?? Do they have a limited lifetime or are they are forever craft like mosaics??

My eyes are still popping over this one!! Great job

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that's an amazing piece...what's the size of it?
would you mind taking a picture from a bit of a distance, to get an idea of it in perspective?
I've heard of the eggshell method but really only on small boxes...I know Martha Stewart and Carol Duvall have shown it from time to time....
and someone here even did it...who was that...chickee, maybe? can't remember...
congratulations on winning best of show...
I bet people just stood around, trying to figure the method out!....nice intricate work.....

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That is AMAZING! Congratulations on Best of Show! I can really see why you won. Yes, I agree, can you post another picture of it and tell us more about the process?

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How wonderful to win BEST IN SHOW!!!
This is an AMAZNG piece of do create such magic with those egg shells! Bravo, bravo...take a bow!

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That is WONDERFUL! I had heard of eggshell mosaics but this is my first experience with seeing one. You did a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing with us.

Donna in Florida

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Thank you all for your kind comments. this piece was done a little differently than the ones I usually do. I used a combination of very large (1" to 3")and very tiny (1/8") pieces. to answer your questions:

Daisyme: Yes, I do cut the pieces to give them a sharp edges. The eggshells are painted with acrylic paint. I find that if I paint the inside and outside of the eggshell with modpodge, I can actually cut it with scissors! (I only discovered this recently!) That's how I did the rock wall and antelope shadows, using the larger pieces of eggshell. The grass - I cut those pieces with a nail clipper. The antelope were done with the tiny pieces.

Mermaid: Yes, this will last permanently. I use minwax polycrylic as my final coat to seal it.

Seaglassic & Terikat: This piece is 22" wide and 17" deep. I'll get another picture ASAP.

Thank you all for your interest. The 'best in show' was a first for me so I am really excited about it. I'm glad I could share this with you. I will start taking pictures of my WIPS and posting them so you can see how I do this.

Thank you all, Linda

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Linda, thank you so much for taking the time and interest to share all this wonderful information with us. I know everyone is fascinated and delighted with your work. I love how you're learning new things (like coating the shells with modpodge) to make them cutable. Fabulous. I also was delighted that you cut the grass with nail clippers. Perfect curved pieces!

If I hadn't gathered a garage full of plates to break and my DH wasn't after me to use them, I'd be dying and gluing as we speak. I'd love to try one of these someday.

Congratulations again on your Best of Show! May this be just the first of many!

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Talk about patience...awesome work you do.

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Congratulations on your "Best in Show"!! What an honor, and one richly deserved for such wonderful piece! Definitely looking forward to WIP pics...I am amazed by this art form.


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It's not surprising it won best of the show. You are very talented. Beautiful

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FANTASTIC! EGGSHELLS! Who would have thunk? Yes, please tell us more about this fabulous process.


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Wow!! That is amazing! Doing mosaics with glass and china is time consuming but EGG SHELLS!! The detail in this is incredible, the little blades of grass....I love it!

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I'm all out of superlatives for this one. Most of the responses had the word "amazing". Yep - it really is. Sorta leaves me speechless. Such talent. Congrats on Best of Show - well deserved. W/LOVE to see this in person. Can't figure out how you did the grass - boy this is truly ART!

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