Simonton 5500 Replacement Windows

hikkerSeptember 3, 2012

I had 9 Simonton 5500 installed recently in South Carolina.

The build quality of windows and their appearance installed is excellent.

These new Simontons replaced 17 year old wooden dbl hung MW windows of original construction. The difference in solar heat transmission (old window vs. new window) is remarkable.

Only time will tell how these 5500s will perform over time. But initially, we are well pleased.

Thank all who post here with information.

I read this msg. Board for a year before selecting Simonton brand.

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No. I neither sell nor install windows.

I'm simply a satisfied customer sharing my experience.

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Well done.

Simonton makes a solid window and you did well.


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My son is considering a proposal for 9 Simonton 5500 double hung windows and is asking me for my opinion. The proposal is around $6000. I realize that the size of the windows, installation factors and where they live will impact costs but I'm just trying to get some sense of whether the cost is in line. These are two kids with no money to waste so I am trying to protect them from making mistakes. I had never heard of the brand, but after researching it appears that they get a good customer sat rating from JD Power.

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Why are the replacing the windows to begin with?

If they are chasing additional energy savings, there may be other things that need to be done first.

Can you provide us with some pictures, region, build details, etc?

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The price seems within the norm . I would look into attic insulation as well.

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+2. They may be able to find a better deal and or a better product, but that is a solid choice and the price is within the range of reason (depending of course on options, installation, etc). If for instance, these are plain white double pane, simple insert install and cap, that might be a bit on the high side. Add a few options and it is not out of line.... Best way to compare is to get an additional quote or two :)

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