stainable wood filler keeps coming out darker

smi123155July 13, 2008

PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! i am trying to fill in holes where i screwed my in my oak trim.

Material: red and white oak.

Filler: elmers stainable wood filler.

Stain: cherry.

Every time i stain my trim overtop of where i used this filler, the filler comes out so much darker and so noticable. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!!

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The suggestion is that you use a different type of product. The problem is not you, it's the filler. You're better off staining the wood first, then applying the appropriate colored putty afterwards. Google "stainable wood putty" and you'll find your experience is typical; the stuff simply doesn't work very well.

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Stain Putty, made by Bix---is a powdered form of stainable filler that does work. It looks darker when wet and dries to the stain color when dry.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I'll go and dig out all the filler i put in yesterday and try bix. any more tips & tricks is always welcome but thank you jon1270 & handymac

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hey just an fyi, ive never used bix's wood filler but if its anything like the one s ive used in the past they dont work very well, jon's got the right idea stain the wood first and wet sand the wood filler (wet sanding incase youre not familiar with the term is putting some stain on a peice of sand paper) to get as close as you can to matching the color, and for the record, even if the bix stuff is the best stuff on the market, dont expect it to be perfect. if there is one thing in any line that needs improvement its stainable wood filler, its the best thing to use in alot of different situations, but its always hard to use

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I've used Stain putty for years---and regularly dared clients to find a filled hole while they watch me fill it.

Every client was amazed---every one!

I have no idea why this stuff is not the filler of choice for everyone, maybe the small hassle of mixing turns folks away.

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Where can I find bix stain putty? the only putty I found was at home depot and it's made by minwax. Also, do you stain the wood, then match the color and fill the holes or just fill with any color then stain over top the wood and filler?

Home depot has about 15 different colors but when I took my sample cabinet door in, they seem to be a few shdes off.

What do you think?

Thanks for your input thus far!!!!!!

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I just learned the parent company discontinued Stain putty. You can Google it and find places on the web that still have some in stock.

To use it, simply stain the project, mix a batch, using the same stain , and fill holes. Fill just a bit high---hand sand when dry.

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I googled it. No luck of anywhere who has it in stock. I even tried getting in contact with Homax (mfg of Bix)directly. Man this is harder than I thought.

I even called a bunch of local hardware stores.
Why is it that when we find a product that actually works... they discontinue it.

Any suggestions of where else I can find it?

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I found it! Homax still had some in stock but it is discontinued. I bought (4) 13 oz. containers for like 3 bucks each. not going to be here for about 2 weeks though.

I'm taking your word for it handymac!!!.

I'll post pics when i'm finished

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Ok, the Bix is on it's way... now Handymac, i will be putting a top coat of finisher on. would you recomend "poly" or "toung oil finish". also, when I put the bix filler in you said to put it in after i stain the wood, do i put it in after or before i use the toung oil finish?
Thanks buddy

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For trim, I use poly or varnish. Tung oils finishes add color but little protection. Some tung oils are actually poly mixes.

I stain, add the mixed filler, and apply finish.

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