Mary Carol Garrity Paint colors

lora214August 28, 2008

Can anyone give me a comparable color to "Garrity Cream" in Mary Carol Garrity's paint line in a Dunn Edwards, Benjamin Moore, or Sherwin Williams paint color? I live in California, and they don't ship their paint here.Thanks!


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I have never seen or used her paintline, but I believe you can purchase sample packs of her colors. You could then have that sample matched by the paint of your choice.

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I was going to her site and find her paint colors, and I cannot even find a link anymore. What's wrong with my google?

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Last year, I ordered samples of all of her paint colors. They came in nicely packaged pouches and I believe I paid about 4.99 per pouch. Patricia...It's not Google...It's her website that I believe has changed because I went back to re-order more samples and cannot find anywhere on her website where to place your order. I dont believe she is offering them to the public anymore, which, if so, is a shame. All vendors who offer "to the trade only" are just trying to stay exclusive and perhaps she is doing the cannot order her products online have to find a dealer in your area. Next week (weather permitting..go away Gustav!!!), I am going to a home decorating shop in Houston TX who carries her line of products and will ask them about the paint and will report back if I find out anything. PS..the paint colors are really good too!

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Well, thank you, Angeldog, I feel better about myself. We have 3 in our area, but I have been "under the weather" this week and have not had the opportunity to get out. Like you, I hope Gustav will stall and break up so that I can feel like getting out.

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I went to her site last night despartley searching for her paint line. Since they changed her website, they no longer link to her paints. They were called Mary Carol Artisan Paints. I remember they were offered by a local paint store in KS. Maybe some of our Kansas GWebbers can help us out. Those are the colors you see in her books. Or maybe just emailing her contacts on her site? But getting back to the original question, RH Linen is a beautiful creamy color that might be close.

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I'm a KC-area GWebber! Zeke's Paint and Design Centers are locally owned and I believe they sell her paint. Euston's Hardware in Prairie Village, KS used to sell her paint, but I haven't been there in a while to confirm. Perhaps one of those stores would be willing to sell and ship you samples? I haven't been to Mary Carol's KC store in a while. If I get a chance this weekend, I'll try to make the trip and see if she has paint chips there! I won't get a chance to stop there until Sunday. I'll check back in later this weekend!

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Thanks everyone for your ideas! I called her store, Nell Hill's in Athcison, KS and spoke with a very nice man named Joe, who said they used to ship their paint by UPS, but had problems with the shipping, so they don't do that anymore. They do still carry the paint in their store, and also still offer the paint packet samples. I'm having the "Garrity Cream" color sent to me, but don't know if it will arrive in time, as I'm having my ceilings painted next week. So I was hoping someone might have the Garrity Cream color and be able to give me the name of another paint that is close. I thought Dunn Edwards "White Fever" might work. kmcg85, what is RH of RH Linen? Thanks for your suggestions! Lora

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RH is Restoration Hardware. Those paintchips must have been in my nightstand a long time because they no longer have it on their website and I can't find it at "My Perfect Color" either. It looked like such a nice cream white. Please post back when you get the sample of Garrity Cream and let us know how you like it!

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Thanks anyway for checking into it, kmcg85. I will post back and let you know what I think of it--hopefully it will arrive soon. jkinpv, did you happen to get to Mary Carol's store and see the paint chip? Her store looks wonderful--hope to check it out in the future.

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