Help me refinish my great-grandmother's dresser

djsawJune 8, 2011

This dresser used to be mine growing up. I never knew anything of it's history till I told my father I was going to sell it because the finish had worn off and it was in horrible shape. My father said don't sell it, if you don't want it I will take it because it used to be in great-grandmothers boarding house, then it was mine and was painted , then your grandfather took off the paint and stained it for you.

Obviously I can't sell it and the orangey-mid century modern look doesn't work for me. So I have decided to refinish it in Minwax dark walnut stain I already have. I tried to stain my bed when I built it but that turned into a giant fiasco and I ended up painting my bed. My questions are do I need to use a wood conditioner? How do I apply the stain? I wiped the stain on my bed with a sock and it came out way too light and splotchy. How long do I let it cure? Pretty much staining for idiots 101.

Here it is.

With a drawer.

Any idea what kind of wood it is?

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The wood looks to be birch. I would apply a preconditioner, and then use a gel stain which gives better coverage than the oil base.

With gel stain you kinda buff it on, rather than oil base that let soak in.

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Thank you for responding sloyd. If you don't mind me asking why would I need to apply a preconditioner if it already had stain on it?

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The preconditioner is a preventive measure to prevent blochiness. You may not need it since the wood may be sealed by the previous stain. try staining the underside of the piece to test.

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