Need Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tips

arockerdudeJune 18, 2007

I am refinishing a fifty year old oak floor. It's not perfect and I need to replace some boards here and there. But I am not looking for perfection. I would like to get some pretty descent results.

As you can see. I have some water spots here and there.

Some questions I have are. What is the best way to lighten up those spots? Also does it look like it is sanded enough to stain? It looks like there may be some clear coat here and there. Well the stain penetrate the clear coat if there is still some here and there? Next question. The kitchen was Stained a Walnut color. If I use a medium Brown stain with red in it. Well the Living room and Dining room blend together?

I tried some Minwax Polyshade Bombay Mahogany and it was looking really good on the first coat. But when I put a second coat. The dark pigment from the Bombay was way to dark and was covering up the wood grain. And making the floor look Black. So I sanded it back off. If anyone has any tips that may be helpful for this job. I would greatly appreciate the feed back. Thanks. Dave

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The floor doen't appear to be sanded thoroughly. You need bare wood for stain. It won't penetrate old finish. See if you can find a Varathane EZV floor sander. It's a rental unit and, I believe, the best for a DIY floor job.

For the water stains you might try oxalic acid. It's available in hardware stores. Follow the directions carefully.

Minwax Polyshades is a tinted polyurethane. It's difficult to get an even color with it. Multiple coats will obscure the grain. Is there any reason you didn't want to use a stain and clear poly? If the floors sanded correctly only one coat of stain is necessary or useful. Also I would think that a stain as dark as Bombay Mahogany would do a pretty good job of hiding the water stains after you lighten them.

I can't tell about a color match without seeing it. You could try your stain on a small area near the kitchen. If it doesn't look good then sand it back off and get another stain.

Good Luck

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I second the motion to skip the Polyshades, for exactly the reasons that Jan9 says -- difficult to apply evenly and heavy pigment obscures the wood. All-in-one finishes sound better than they work. An expert friend of mine calls it, "The worst thing to happen to a can."

You are going through a lot of work -- get some professional grade products and get good results.

Here is a link that might be useful: Floor refinishing video from Popular Woodworking / Cabot stains

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