Don't buy Anderson, Stay away from Pella, forget Marvin!

tinker_2006September 15, 2010


I was hoping that this forum would help me decide which windows to go with, but it is just so confusing! I really am bewilder on what manufacturer I should go with.

I'm ruling out Marvin, based on the fact that I know they are much more expensive (even though they are better). My track record for living in one house isn't very good.. so I won't take the chance to spend money that I may never fully reap the benefits of.. PLUS, the nearest dealer is well over an hour away.

I'm in SW FL, and PGT, Anderson and Pella are readily available. I like the look of Pella's architect series and Anderson's Architect line.. I don't care for PGT's windows (mainly - I want realistic looking grills.

I've been to showrooms, and it really doesn't help - I like them both, but I *think* Pella may have more sizes available..? I haven't a clue what the prices is, and I'm not sure I want to fork out the $$ for impact glass (we are required by code to have impact glass OR hurricane shutters).

I'm sure hoping someone will shed some light on these 2 lines. Is Pella less expensive? Are the Architect series ONLY available with impact glass, or is that an option? On Anderson's website, it shows a sample of prices of the 400 series, and than a MAJOR jump in price to the Architect series...?

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I'm going to chime in just to say I am also in S. FLA so probably what I was looking at your looking at. I went to Lowes and put in Impact glass French Doors from the West Palm Series. They are terrible and want to give you fair warning, nothing but trouble, from water that comes in each and every rain to doors falling of the hinges and now my glass is delaminating. I realize you said you don't like the look of the PGT but I will tell you I put one of their push up windows in and they are really nice.

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Andersen's "Architectural Monumental" (ie really big) window is an aluminum clad wood window strong enough to resist wind loads for very large openings, usually in commercial installations. The double-hung price on the web site is for a window that is over 5 ft wide and 8 ft. tall which is almost 3 times the size of the 400 series example. To compare it to Marvin you should be looking at the Marvin "Magnum" series. Both are more expensive than the Marvin Ultimate DH.

If you are going to choose your windows without professional assistance you need to pay very close attention to the information on manufacturers' web sites.

Pella is the only window manufacturer I will not specify for any installation. They have consistently earned my disrespect for the past 40 years. If you must have Pella windows, take great care in how the nail-fins and upper corners are sealed and don't buy them from a big box store or a Pella retail store; find a reputable window supplier who will protect you when the window order arrives and it's wrong (assuming you have provided them with very clear window drawings and specifications).

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macv, thanks for letting me know this, it helps! Going back to check Anderson windows and PGT's

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Macv, one other question.. you have helped me fore on my floorplan design, and I know I remember you from my last build in 2008.. what is your professional background?

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There is an Anderson window company but I'm sure you are thinking of Andersen.

I have a BA in Art, a Masters in Architecture and have been an architect in MA since '71 and off and on in ME, RI, and CT.

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AnderSEN.. must remember the spelling! Macv, thanks.. it's nice to have you here helping all of us with your experience!

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