Thinking about installing Jeld-Wen Premium Vinyl Windows...

LittleHouseotPrairieSeptember 13, 2012

My husband and I are looking into getting Low E vinyl windows for our house, more specifically, the Jeld-Wen Premium Vinyl windows. We currently have aluminum windows, double pane, but the home was a repo when we bought it, and some of the frames are bent and damaged. We also like the curb appeal of the vinyl windows, which is why we are making this upgrade.

Having never bought windows before, I asked some co-workers who are retired general contractors, as well as did my research online for reviews and checking out Consumer Reports. Reviews online are horrible, making me afraid to buy Jeld-Wen.

Does anyone know anything about JW Premium Vinyl windows?

Has anyone installed them or had them installed?

Co-workers say: Be careful of retro-fit windows because the seals are typically warrantied through the manufacturer for only 2 years. Though the window has a 10 year warranty, the seal is only good for 2 years. We will need to re-caulk the seals every 2 years, or else they will leak. Also, the benefit of switching to Low E glass is not THAT great. Stick with the aluminum windows.

The window installer says: He uses a polyurethane seal instead of caulk, and that he has never had a problem with leakage in the past. He said I will never have to re-caulk or re-seal the windows as long as they are in place.

Online reviews are not very clear. What I am reading is a lot of angry customers, either angry with Lowes or Home Depot for ordering them wrong, or having them arrive broken. I don't see that as Jeld-Wen's fault. Some just say in general that the windows were scratched or broken, and that Jeld-Wen wouldn't replace them. Again, I don't see why that is Jeld-Wen's fault. I would say it's the homeowner's fault for letting them get installed that way. I'm not really sure why people say that Jeld-Wen windows are inferior. They only mention things about the install rather than the windows themselves. And, when they do mention their windows, they don't mention WHICH windows they have. I can't seem to find any specific reviews on JW Premium Vinyl. Hopefully someone who HAS JW Premium Vinyl windows will read this and can give me some feedback.

Consumer Reports: Consumer Reports lists JW Premium Wood Tradition Plus windows, but not JW Vinyl. But, in general, they say that vinyl windows tend to leak air a bit more.

Hoping that someone can give me some expert opinion specifically on JW Premium Vinyl windows.

Thank you!

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Find another window company, Jeldwen is a poor quality window in any series. Find another contractor/installer as that is pretty much crap and stick with window peoples advice for windows and not co-workers as what they are telling is not even close to correct if you purchase quality windows. And last but not least, DO NOT buy windows from HD or Lowes.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


Keep shopping.

There are so many good vinyl windows out there that there is a unit that fits your budget, options, and look.

The more research the better. Your wallet and your home will thank you for it.

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Jeld-Wen Premium Vinyl windows are very solid product. The sliding windows have the best rolling system on the market and the only aluminum track that I know of. The AAMA C-35 rating is among the highest in the industry for a residential window. The design of the window maximizes glass area which may or may not be important to you. Other manufactures go for a wood window appearance. Again, nothing right or wrong with either just personal choice.
Low-e glass is a proven energy saver and also reduces sunlight damage to interior furnishings. How much you save is totally dependent on where you live and how well insulated your home is. If you live in a warm area you might want to upgrade to Low-e 366. It has a significantly higher solar heat gain coefficient-or the ability to keep direct sunlight heat outside.
As a far a retro fit just make sure you use a quality installer and check a few 4+ year old references.

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366 glass has a LOWER solar gain than most LoE glass. I think the rest of your post is just as accurate.

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I have a VERY bad experience with window replacement and Jeld-Wen customer service. I have notified them about a problem around July 20th, and the glass has not been replaced as of today, October 25th. I'm waiting for the next appointment to replace the glass, and it will be in the second half of November!!! The glass was of a wrong size twice, once it arrived broken, and it takes at least 3 weeks to get an appointment with the installers. The customer service representative is simply rude and rarely returns calls.

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There is nothing premium about Jeldwin, they are builders grade junk in my opinion as well as many other pro's, same goes for silverline.
Higher grade vinyl windows would be Okna, HiMark, Soft Lite, Sunrise, and Gorell. All of these windows have very high structural ratings, high performance/ energy efficiency numbers, and are made with a much higher grade vinyl. Jeldwin is for contractors who only care about offering cheap products and ignore quality.

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I just bought over $11,500.00, worth of custom patio door from Jeld-Wen I wish I chose a different company to deal with. Their support is the worst ever; the workmanship is so low itâÂÂs unbelievable that they are still in business. The windows leak air the locks do not work and the job is sloppy it is unbelievable. It has been about week since I contacted them regarding problem I have not seen a live person to come and solve the hardware problem so I can lock the door. Please if you are thinking about buy doors and window from them think again I live in southern California their support center is in Colorado they like to sell without any support

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Out of the Woods Inc.- Window & Door Specialists

Did you buy your windows from a big box store or a local window dealer? Whoever you bought them from should give you some help.

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Earlier this year, we purchased a JELD-WENN door which did not lock. The lock was drilled a quarter inch too high. We had to wait 6-7 weeks for the JELD-WENN representative to fix the problem. In the meantime, we had to nail the door shut.

Last month, we purchased a JELD-WENN triple slider winder. When you open the right-side of the window, the window falls out. The contractor tells us that they installed a 2nd left-side window on the right. So it is upside down. In addition, both sides fit loosely (there is daylight visible at the bottom of both sides of the window).

It appears that there is NO QUALITY CONTROL with this company.

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There's no such thing as a "premium vinyl window", ha ha.

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No offense, but you really need to take a course in energy efficiency before you make ridiculous assertions such as the one you just made.
There are vinyl windows that have structural ratings that are twice that of the wood windows you are trying to push off. Ask a wood window manufacturer what their air infiltration numbers are and see how forthcoming they are with that information. Well, there is a valid reason for them being elusive when asking a wood window manufacturer their structural and air numbers; they are'nt good !
You simply cannot beat the performance of high end vinyl windows, thats a fact, not a statement i am just throwing out there. A high end vinyl window will also out last a wood window. So, please refrain from making unfounded comments and perhaps you may gain some semblance of credibility and won't come across as some two bit contractor who installs home depot specials.
I do agree with you about one thing, jeldwin make a horrible window.

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Don't feed the wood snobs.

EF is throwing around some pretty big statements with zero factual data.

Sounds like OldTimeCarpenter's spirit is back..

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I don't care who you are that is funny websnooper........

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Saving picture for future use.

Too funny is right MWM.

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Through my contractor I bought a JeldWen window at Home Depot. After the window was in for about 3 months I noticed a crack in the frame. It took HD several months to finally file the claim with JeldWen. I have been in constant contact and they refuse to make good on the window. They given me all sorts of reasons why the frame cracked (e.g., Oct, gets cooler so the temperature change may have caused it!), but they refuse to send out a rep or make good on their defective product.

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msmax1, sorry this happening to you, but not surprising from Jeldwen or HD.

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We are building a home in Florida and have been looking at Jeld Wen Vinyl Windows because they have a good price point and are popular in the area. What Florida approved (think impact glass, hurricane ) windows are out there in Vinyl that people recommend? Thanks!

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PGT is the one I would look at, there is nothing anyone who knows windows can honestly say that would be good about Jeldwen vinyl (or Jeldwen in general actually)

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Uneeda Home Improvement Co., Inc

You have Simonton down there as well.

FYI PGT is about to roll out an entirely new line of vinyl windows replacing everything that is currently offered in vinyl

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I installed several Jeldwen premium double hung and slider windows approximately 5 years ago and they're looking just as great now as they did the day they were installed. So I think there may be a lot of contractors who aren't really experienced installing windows who install Jeldwen windows, and therefore Jeldwen has a bad name but I think with a good installation job they can be excellent windows. Any window is only as good as the installation.

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I repeat what said earlier in this post. Nothing Premium about anything Jeldwen. I have never installed a window in my life, but I have sold thousands. and what I said stand, Jeldwen is JUNK!!!

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I'm not a professional window guy or anything, so I don't have a lot to compare them to but in my experience they've been good. Certainly nothing extravagant by any means but they work just fine. Not looking for any arguments just sharing my experience with them. It's likely important to emphasize that these were the premium Jeldwen windows and not their lower end line.

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Jeld-Wen premium vinyl windows are not top performers, to be sure, but they are popular in the south because of their SDL options which make them look a lot like a wood window. So, if you're after a high performance windows, Jeld-Wen doesn't fit the bill.

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Agree, Jeldwin are junk and make a house look cheap. Plus, the windows are flimsy and not air tight.

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Jeldwen basically purchased 3 companies that were either in or on the verge of bankruptcy making crap windows, lumped them all together as Jeldwen, rebranded the crap companies as their current window lines and went to market. As far as I am concerned they did nothing but put the same crap in new wrapping.

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