Best Value Vinyl Windows

jpstuartSeptember 5, 2011

We are currently building a home in the Carolinas and are on a tight budget. Can anyone recommend a good quality vinyl window that is moderately priced? Our budget is about $150-$200 per window for a standard-size double-hung.

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$150-$200 is not moderately priced for a good quality vinyl window. The only thing you will find in that price range is junk which you will be replacing in the near future when the vinyl warps.

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Can't think of anything worth having in that range.

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that budget is absolutely ridiculous.

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For that number the only thing I believe you will find would be low end single hung windows and that pricing would be for a fairly small size as well.

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You may be able to get some Simonton's or Soft-Lite's in the upper end of that range depending on size and options.Typically standard sized windows are only in box stores and are of lower quality.I wam assuming this price range is for the window only and no install.Shop around, prices will vary.

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toddinmn...thank you for the feedback. Yes, the price range reflects windows only and no install. I'll check out Simonton. I have heard good things about that brand.

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