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anneinva_2009October 7, 2010

So I sold 12 mosaic turtles at a craft show yesterday. First big show. But I felt that so many people asked how I made it or said to their friend, Oh, I can do that I have the stuff in my attic. I didn't know how to respond to people who quizzed me on the technique, materials etc. At first I was too nice and told this man everything. He even asked about which tools I used. Then I could have kicked myself. I have a feeling there are going to be turtles popping up at craft shows. I guess no one has my vision so they won't be the same, but still it annoys me. Another artist said to say it is an involved process, I get the turtles from a wholesaler. I guess I need a tougher skin


Here is a link that might be useful:

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WOW - congratulations on a great sale. Even if you do see more turtles, take pride in knowing the inspiration came from you. Yours is just darlin'. Very good work, ANNE. You could offer to give a class or two instead of having to explain. Give out your card w/your sales, and offer a two day class. Wish I had the nerve to charge for giving lessons. I still have people stopping by to see my work, and just this week, the latest visitor hinted for instructions on the diamond metal lathe technique. I tried to evade, but eventually caved. My present student is a friend, and refuses to graduate. I don't charge anything, and offer lots of my materials. Part of sharing my blessings, I suppose.

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I love your turtles, and congrats on the sales! As for the people, I feel you pain. Trust me, it's not just crafts that get this sort of thing. I write romance novels for Harlequin and you wouldn't believe the number of people who think they can crank out some quick money by writing them too, as if there's an easy formula, you can just think up a romance and whip it together in an hour or two. I agree with the artist who advised you to simply generalize, explain that it's an involved process that takes a lot of practice. Maybe suggest a good book on the craft they should buy if they're interested in trying it. After all, you're there to sell your wares, not hold demonstration classes. And for those who say they're going to go home and try it, just smile and say, "Good luck with that."

My husband gets the same thing. He works trade shows selling sports memorabilia, and the most common phrase he hears is, "I can get that on E-bay for half the price." Which leads to the question, "Then what the heck are you doing here?" For sure, when you open yourself to the public, you'll run into your share of boorish people and others who are, at heart nice, but just don't think about what they're really saying. It's a trial, for sure!

But really, it's a compliment when you make something look easy. It speaks to your talent, because--and I know because I'm someone who is just learning the craft--it's a heck of a lot harder than it looks. And this is said by someone who scours through the how-to books, is starting out simple and working my way up, and participating in loops like this. Anyone who thinks they can just go home, break up some tile and stick it on a stone sculpture will end up woefully disappointed in their results and will be back next year, appreciating what a bargain yours are!

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I LOVE your turtles!!! Good job on the sales!! I have done a few shows and barely sold anything, most people figured they could make it's a tough crowd around here I guess, so many artists...

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I love your turtle !!! I do understand where you are coming from .I sell mine in a florist shop so I do not hear them say any thing.Some do tell me they want to do them I like slow am to free .I have only had a few take me up on teaching them .It is kinda hard to here it .I had one girl try to sell some next door to the shop I have mine at . Different friends told me her work was not near good as mine She did not last to long .Just enjoy what you do and ecnore the rest .

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Your turtles are gorgeous. You worked hard to perfect your technique. I shy from asking too many questions on this forum, afraid I will offend someone, but I do hope they know I can't compete as I am not in the same town. I would NEVER ask anyone that is selling locally, that is just bad manners! I did like the comeback, offering to teach them!!! I must remember that. That should stop the questions quickly.

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