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katishookedOctober 22, 2008

Remember this one? The gal that ordered it is unhappy with frame. Not substantial she says. Ok I told her we can change out frame. Unhappy with small space between pic and frame. Explained hard to get grout to butt exactly against frame because it is grouted before I put it in frame. But I backed it with scrapbook paper rather than a plain ole black backing that came with the frame. I told her if she isn't happy with it then I would take it back. Several at my work would buy it. I don't know what she expected. I only charged her $35, am getting $65 for Jack Russell. Kind of bummed, but know that you can't please everybody.

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You're right you can't please everybody. Sounds like she's being pretty picky considering the price you charged her for it. It looks great and maybe it would be better if someone from work did take it instead. Don't let this make you feel bad, she just sounds overly fussy,

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For heaven's sake, Kat. I'm so sorry this piece got turned down. And I know it'll be loved by someone else. $35.00 was a really low price, and I loved the frame choice. Obviously the person that ordered it had some vision in her mind and anything other than that wouldn't have been right for her. Too bad she couldn't have translated what it was. Don't feel bad about it, let it go and sell it to someone who will apppreciate it.

I can't believe you did the Jack Russell for $65.00. He's fabulous and would sell for much more than that in a shop. You're probably like me though and pricing for the present economy. I absolutely adore the Jack Russell. You will hear ooohs and awwweess over him for a long time.

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I think she would be more upset if you changed it. I divides the "mosaic" from the frame. She wants it all to run together--not a good thing. Give her her money back & sell it to someone who likes fine art!! Jan

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THanks all for your support. You opinions means a lot. I told her today I would put it in a different frame and use the black matte. Cause she said she would do it but would cost $15. I told her I wasn't selling it for $20. Several people at work today said they'd buy it. So if she doesn't want me to replace the frame I'm not out any.

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Good for you! Stand your ground. I have replaced frames and regrouted and had it looks just fine, and I wouldn't
mess with her anymore. Sell it at work. I hate commissions,
hardly ever do any. I cringe when I hear one coming! I'd much rather do it my way and they can buy it as is. I feel for you! Once you start selling it seems to take the fun right out of it!

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What LOVE said. W/dump her as a client. That's a wonderful piece. I confess I didn't notice the heart until someone mentioned it. Makes it even more special.

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I would take it back and FORGET HER!!! Then I'd mosaic the frame too LOL! It's hard when you don't know what to do for someone else, I tell people that it's my interpretation and thats what they get. I wouldn't have fun any other way, and I only want to enjoy my art not stress over it. I think you did a GREAT job and it is a very meaningful piece of art! Jane

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I think it's a beautiful work of art in a beautiful frame! What is WRONG with that crazy lady? So glad you are able to give it a new home with someone who can appreciate it!

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I'm not losing any sleep over this. Think she wanted something for nuthin. This is something that will sell. I have already been asked if I would do some more. This has been a hit with people. There are so many that have been affected by cancer and hope is one thing that they can't afford to give up on. Thank you all for the wondeful support and response to a fellow artiste.

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I'll buy it!!! and I mean it...
my mentor, Marilyn, has just finished her last round of chemo and as of right now, is with her husband in Puerto V, on a two week vacation..
I go to the airport, this coming Friday to pick them up, at Sea Tac ...and as soon as she gets home, she starts in on 6 weeks of radiation...

please, would you let me buy shipping ?..
I'm in Olympia, Wash....

Becky .(*_*).

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Well, there you have it. WONDERFUL, SEA, and congratulations to both you and KAT. Artists supporting artists is a wonderful thing. Glad you have other clients, KAT, and wishing your friend healing, SEA.

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Oh gosh Sea I wish I had it in my hands I would take you up on the offer. My DIL is to pick it up thurs to get it back to me. My thots go out to your friend. Sometimes I wonder where they get their strenth from. I know God is there, but these people are like rocks. Sea I wish I could help you out and thanks all for the support.

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