Anyone Familiar with Park Avenue Vinyl windows?

Hubbabubba44September 16, 2011

We are considering getting Park Avenue Vinyl replacement windows - the triple pane with Krypton gas in them. Would so appreciate anyone's help with knowing if they're a good product.

I have read elsewhere that contractor's don't like the pocket sill, even though it is a snap-on slope, but I don't really understand the reason why they don't like it.

Also, considering Gorell 5300's.

Can anyone comment?

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We don't like it because it uses the interior of the frame to drain water, pollen dirt and bugs. We also don't like weep holes because they are a conduit for air infiltration. Park Avenue is Ok but Gorell is a better window. There are just simply better built windows that offer a better value for the money.

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Skydawggy - what is the preferred way for the water to get out, if there are no weep holes? Thank you for responding - it is very helpful!

What window do you like personally?

Does anyone else have anything to share on the Park Avenues?

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If a window doesn't have a snap in sill, then it has a solid sloped sill and it drains water naturally the way a wood window does. Some of the brands I like are made by Sunrise, Okna and Soft-lite. There are other good brands, but these are solid windows with very good performance ratings.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


Weep holes = more air infiltration and potential for water infiltration.

Go with the Gorell or look at the windows that Sky mentioned (Sunrise, Okna, Gorell, Soft-Lite).

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A snap in sloped sill drains water conventionally like a regular slope but also through the frame whichi is a bad idea. That's why a snap in slope sill is just as bad as a pocked sill. Some salesman think a snap in sloped is just as good as a welded sloped..not true.. Again, a snap in slope does drain conventionally but also through the's just a bad/ cheap design.
You want a true welded sloped sill. Okna, Polaris, gorell, and Sunrise offer true welded sloped sills.

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