Fireplace Mantel Help!

clagaJune 29, 2009


We are going to make an attempt to DIY a fireplace mantel surround.

The design we are trying to achieve will be recessed panels with molding around inside of the stiles on the legs and horizontally piece above the fire box with crown molding surrounding the top shelf of the mantel.

Is there any rule of thumb, as far as the portion of high of the legs vs. the piece running horizontally above the fire box?

Also any suggestions in wood type too use, the mantel will be painted?


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I don't have any proportion suggestions, other than to sketch out a scale drawing or even mock up a full-sized model from cardboard and see how you like it. Some people tend to favor golden ratio (1.618... to 1) and find it in places where it really isn't. Others use simple ratios such as 2:1, sqrt(2):1, 3:2, etc.

As far as wood choice, poplar is a good paint grade material, fairly knot-free, and inexpensive.

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