Painted Wooden Signs

efrancoisJune 27, 2012


I am interested in making wooden painted Signs. Would some of you have some tips?

Here is a link that might be useful: Painted Wooden Signs

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I'm not sure if this site will be of any help, but they do faux finishes that age things really nicely. I plan to pick up some of their tints. I believe they have a stencil page.

In the meanwhile, I'd pick up old cabinet doors, because turning them sideways, you have a sign with a frame. At $1.00 a piece at my reuse center, what could be better? Slab doors would make perfect flat ones.

I think this sounds like fun. :)

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There is a special kind of plywood for making signs.

It is commonly called 3/4" sign maker's ply.

The product is 3/4" HDO, or high density overlay, has a resin impregnated paper facing ideal for painting.

The material is ideal for exterior exposure.

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