Update - dresser before and after photos...

SheeshareeIIJune 16, 2012

This is overdue but I said I'd post some photos of the finished dresser since you all were kind enough to help answer my questions along the way. I appreciate all the advice we received.

My last post was about the drawers having a perfumey smell and I'm happy to say it faded and isn't a problem anymore. I'm glad to know shellac will work wonders to eliminate smells in the future.

This was bought second hand and I have no idea what was done to the poor thing. To my surprise we ended up not needing the wood filler and were able to get all the marks out by sanding.



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Looks real nice

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Looks very nice. I really like the paint color you chose!

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Fori is not pleased

That turned out really well! I'm impressed that you turned that into THAT (and that you even thought it could be done). Great job, but you won't be able to take credit for doing it yourself--looks too good and nobody will believe that it's a DIY job!

(Psst--I had that changing pad for like 6 years! ack diaper flashbacks!)

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Did you do an amazing job!
I thought, "eh" at the before photo, then got past it's appearance and looked at its "bones". "Potential," I mused.

What a GREAT color choice and beautiful job.

I know I'd be thrilled at how it came out. I hope you are!

(Who killing time, letting the stripper do its job on a door.)

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came out beautifully! You really did a great job!

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I LOVE your color choice. Gorgeous. I'm bookmarking this page.

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I came back to look at this dresser you did.
I think it's absolutely amazing.

I was wondering if you'd share what color and sheen of paint you used? It's such a nice finish.


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You around?

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