cost of marvin integrity vs infinity windows

carolr43September 10, 2006

I am looking for feedback on per window cost for replacement double hung marvin integrity vs infintiy windows.

We just got 18 windows put in, I was sure that the window they showed me had a "paintable" wood like interior.

the windows they installed have vinyl interiors.

We are paying $752/window.

I have a bad feeling that I got taken for a ride, but would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks, Carol

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Hi Carol,

Are you installing "New Construction Window" or are you using "Replacement Window"? Replacement means leaving the framing and replacing just the window hardware. Does the price include installation?

The Integrity, when we looked at it two years ago, came in bare wood for staining or factory-primed white for you to paint.

I do not have exact data but have some numbers for comparisons. We got Marvin Ultimate two years ago. A 36" x 48" Ultimate (AL clad outside and bare wood inside) Double-Hung new construction was $430 in CA. Installation cost was $300 for a total of $730 per Dbl-Hung of that size in that opening. Allowing for inflation, the price today may run up to $803 per window, installation included.

We were told then that the Integrity would normally be cheaper than the ultimate but beacuse we wanted the Ultimate, we never asked for an estimate for the Integrity.

Hope this helps a little.

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I'm not sure what part of country you are in, but in central NC, I just placed an order for 36 Marvin Integrity windows (new construction) with prices ranging from $283 each (Double Hung 2'0" x 4'0", wood Ultrex, with screens, GBG, and prefinished white interior) to $412 for DH 3'0" x 6'0". Marvin dealer quoted $65 each to install, but I will be having my framer do that. The interior is wood with fiberglass exterior, and when wife saw them in showroom, they became a "must have".

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Marvin Integrity is a wood/ultrex (fiberglass) window. Infinity is an all ultrex (fiberglass) double hung which includes installation in it's price. Maybe you were confused by the Integrity's paintable wood finish, when in fact you bought the Infinity? They are both made by Marvin.

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Calbay03. How in the world do you have time to sell Marvin windows when you are constantly on this website posing as a homeowner? You claim you had your "Marvin" Windows installed 2 years ago, but youve been saying that for 2 years.
Anyway, Marvin is a nice product, but we prefer Andersen.

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Hi Selb,
You made a mistake. We actually installed our windows in Sept. 2003, it has been three years. Nope, I am a software engineer in the Silicon Valley. I do not sell windows. I can carry on a long Object Oriented Design conversation longer than I can say much about Sash and frame, just read some of my very none-technical window responses.

I registered here in 2003 to ask for help and advice just like other consumers. Unfortunately, no one here answered my questions then. So I decided to be as helpful and as truthful as I can once we have experience with the windows we looked at and purchased. So, just like others here, I am trying to help.

I never posted any "response" or "advice" until this year. Even then, I do not dare call my responses "advice" because I am not professional windows person (except Microsoft Windows :-)). They are just personal experience and what we learnt from local windows retailers.

I understand many here want to "out" windows salesmen, I applaud your effort. In my case, you are wrong. I challenge you to find a post from me dating to 2005, 2004, 2003. And I challenge anyone to find any of my current posts that "sells" Marvin. We like what we like, we dislike what we dislike, that is not selling, that is telling it like it is.

I will continue to share experience good or bad as we have them. You can choose to read them or ignore them.

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I purchased Marvin's Infinity windows about one year ago, and the price you quote is in the ballpark, for our windows, plus installation, were about $650. Allowing for inflation, for I know we got them just before a price increase, your price seems about right. The Infinity is an all fiberglass window, and it could be painted, but why in the world would you want to when it's such a miserable job? This is precisely the reason I got it. It LOOKS like wood, but I'll never have to paint it.

I'm not sure which window you have, but what I can tell you is that Marvin makes a good window, and all my research on the web seemed to indicate they stand behind their products.

I, too, wondered, as you are now, whether my decision was wise or whether I paid a fair price. But now that they're in and I have seen how well they perform in our New England climate, I don't for for one moment regret my decision to buy them.

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Infinity Windows by Marvin are made of Ultrex fiberglass. They come with an optional engineered wood finish called Everwood. Everwood can be stained or painted to match interior wood work. When properly stained and sealed they look just like real woodÂnot kidding. Infinity windows come standard with white Ultrex fiberglass interiors. If your interior is white vinyl, and not Ultrex fiberglass, then you need to question the person you bought them from. If it is a vinyl interior, you have been taken.

If it is Ultrex fiberglass, then it means they installed a standard Infinity window. If you wanted the Everwood interior, it needed to be ordered with the windows as an option. Check your contract and make sure they didnÂt quote you an Infinity window with the optional Everwood interior. If they quoted you an Everwood interior and you didnÂt get it you should try to get some money back.

In the endÂyou still have a great window.

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Johntk. I am in VA but built a custome house in NC last year - then had to sell it before moving in. I really liked the tradesmen down there and am willing to source from there over the Northern VA area. Feel like nothing but snake oil salesmen dealing winodws here. Could you give the contact details of your supplier on the Marvins? If I can't get a comparable price here - I will come to NC and pick them up.

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My window search has become very frustrating; I really would appreciate if you can share with me the contact details of your supplier on the Marvins in NC? We are also planning to build in NC. Johntk, if you see this post can you please respond.
You can write to me at
Thanks in advance to both irene_windows and johntk

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Sorry - the house in NC had MW. I think john got his from a building supplier that is not HD or Lowes. I know that in Northern Virginia where I now live - I can get marvin from Stock building supply. Just can't get a good measure and installer. Windows come with install instructions - not rocket science but it is important to take care and follow. Before your installers are working - you should read the instructions first and ensure they have all materials needed and don't skip steps. Make sure the flashing is flawless. For the casements replaced in NV - installer sent people who could not read the instructions and they did something that was stated not to do in the instructions. They then argued with me that they knew better than the manufacturer. Hard to find good help.

KC construction framed my house in NC (Spring lake) and installed windows. If I could find him - I would have him up to VA to measure and install the 54 windows I need to replace. There is skill down there that is not present in NV.

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I installed andersen 100 series Fibrexî composite last Dce.2010 leaking the air and condensation around the windows , the ice build up inside the windows. please give me suggestion . what shall I do ? if I talk to my contractor If I can change the windows shall I replace the marvin windows.what kind .Thanks

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I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your windows. Before contacting your contractor may I suggest that you call the Andersen Service Department?

That number is 1-888-888-7020. One of the our service agents can help diagnose the problem.

Kim - Andersen Customer Service

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