Eurotech Windows

ontariomomSeptember 21, 2011

Hi all,

Has anyone had any experience with Eurotech Windows? The ER (Energy Rating) is 39 for their Eco-Tech line (the more pricey line) and 32 for their Classic line (less pricey one). They are vinyl windows, but higher end vinyl ones (thick mullions for support). The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is 0.37 (Eco-Tech) and 0.46 (Classic line). The top line one has 3 panes and the lower end one has 2 panes.

Any experience at all with this company?


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I am sorry. I appears that most folks, present company included, are too familiar with the Canadian energy ratings.

Do you know if they sell that same window in the US?

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Hi Windowsonwashington!

Thanks for your reply. I think these windows are available mostly in Canada and Europe. I don't see any US company references on their website. Anyway, I am going to post a different question about a fiberglass window (my other front runner)-- perhaps more posters will know about these windows?



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Hi Ontario Mom.
We're considering Eurotech windows as well as their bifold door. Did you end up going with them? Were you happy?

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Carol was building a pretty high efficiency structure and was way...way more informed than the normal consumer.

I would be very interested to see/read her feedback.

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