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lovemosaicsOctober 18, 2008

I had to share this with all of you!

It's so cute. I have had an awful cold, and my little Natayla (4) was spending time with me. She loves to take care of Gramma. She has had to do so much of it lately. She was coloring pictures in a coloring book, and cutting the pics out and gluing them to my kleenex box cover. She all of sudden jumped up and said " Gramma! we need to make clay cookies!

I can put them on your box!" When we made clay tiles before she wanted to make them magnets for her fridge.

So she was so excited about making a mosiac this time!

So we made "clay cookies" and my son was great enough to go to my house and get the box labeled "green"

and this is what my little 4 year old grand daughter made for her Gramma..

I can't wait to get home and have her see all the fun stuff Gramma has! I just may get to keep her forever!LOL!

So glad she loves to create like me. Her mother was just not into that!LOL! I want her to grout it herself too, so maybe next week! that will be a real treat!LOl! she loves mud pies, so this will be too fun!

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my 4 year old grandson is here with me, too...
he's sleeping right's in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep, so got up to see what's going on here.
that's a beautiful box that you two have put together and sure does give me a boost to maybe get him busy with something mosaiced, while he's with me today.
they all went to a high school football game last night and he doesn't take naps now, at day care, so he can't manage that late of a
gramma gets him and he loves the break from home.

his 5th birthday is next week and he showed me an early birthday present of tennis shoes that light up with bright blue and red lights, when he jumps..oh, and velcro..
he knew exactly what he was looking for, at the

thanks for the posted picture..I think I'll get him busy, later this morning.

Becky .(*_*).

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Oh how special this is. It will be something you and she will remember for a long time. The time you 2 have spent doing this beautiful kleenex box can never be replaced. May I ask how you 2 make clay cookies? My GD is 3 and same situation. Her mom and dad too busy and not into crafts. She is with me this weekend. We are making sugar cookies and am letting her frost and decorate. Love these are what are known as the Kodak moments. So glad you are doing better. Any ideas when you will be able to go home?

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Get outta town!!!!!!!!!! That looks like a grownup job to me. Lordy, that child is talented - just like her grandy. Just THINK what she'll be doing when she starts mosaicing on her own. This does NOT look like a child's work. Boyohboy. I can't wait to see this grouted. She is going somewhere w/this talent for sure. Her grout lines are small, and she's filled in w/those little beads. She's G.O.O.D.

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Kat, we are using sculpy clay. It is so much fun watching them create! I hope to be moving home next weekend, can't wait!

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What a treat! Doncha just love those little guys.
Can't wait to see it grouted, and take some pics of the process. I would love to see her little face.

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Well good luck. And hoping this GD of yours can visit a lot. I have a feeling between the 2 of you, your catching is going to be fun.

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Wow! Good job. That is beautiful and will be a treasured memory.

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The box looks yummy!!! Love the greens on it!! The cookies came out wonderful!! Very talented GD.Really beautiful & useful! Anyone would be proud to have that beautiful box!!Jan

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Wow, she appears to have a real eye! She's balanced colors and weights, put things on the's gorgeous. I can't believe she's 4 years old! How special that she chose to make this special piece for YOU! It's really nice. How fun that she enjoys Grandma's passion too!

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I love this piece..she put so much into it. I kept trying to straighten things, and she would say " Gramma!...I got it" So she knows me!LOL! and she did great!

I did spend an hour cleaning it up when she left though!
those clay ties were a real pain! but she loved doing them so much, I would keep doing it, no problem.
Can't wait for her first sleep over with me at home!
She will really freak out! I have so much stuff she hasn't seen.
She will be so excited to see it sitting on my coffee table, and the stuff I have to play with will be such a thrill!

So happy to have met all of you! I used to enjoy mosaics,
now I have a real passion! so much more fun to talk and share with others. You all make me want to do nothing but cut and glue and grout! I was really into pottery before my accident, now you guys have made me want to get back to mosaics in a mad way!

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Wow! That really is such a pretty box and so special!
What a talented GD you have and she is sure lucky to have
such a wonderful GM!!

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Oh, so nice to see a closeup. I repeat - that child has talent. Just think - if she can do this at such an early age, WHAT w/she be doing as she grows older? Stay w/her and guide her to keep her interested. So much better than sitting at computer games IMO.

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Love the pic is gone. Can you try to repost one. I would love to see this box done. My GD and I baked and decorated sugar cookies last weekend. She had a ball. She'd be decorating and say Grandma,"I Love You". My friends tell me these are the times she will remember. So Love when you get home and she visits and sees this box on you table she will feel special and loved. Let me know how she reacts to seeing her art work displayed.

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