Pella 850 or Andersen Woodwright

sebring1September 14, 2008


I plan on replacing my 48 year old single pane windows. I have narrowed my choice to either the Pella 850 sold at Lowes and currently on sale with a 20% discount or the Andersen Woodwright sold at Home Depot with a 10% discount. The windows look similar with the main difference the 850 is aluminum clad over wood, and the Andersen is vinyl over wood. In two Home Depot stores the vinyl was cracked or broken on the display models. I have read a lot of horror stories here today regarding the Pella 850 window. I live in the northeast in RI. Can someone who knows about windows and doesn't have an agenda tell me what is a superior product and why for my area? Thank you.

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Hi Sebring...

This may not answer your question, but I am coincidentally having 17 double-hung Woodwright windows installed this week (started yesterday.) So far I am very happy with these windows. I looked them over carefully before and after installation, and the workmanship seems to be very good. I obviously can't help you with long-term durability, but I offer the observation that the damaged windows you saw on display at HD were almost certainly damaged by people rather than weather.

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Well I decided to go with the Andersen Woodwright at Home Depot. The cost really is less than I expected. It's actually about $3,500 for 11 windows. Andersen also has a $250 rebate on the Woodwright windows if you buy more than seven.

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Aluminum doesn't hold up well in coastal areas. I've replaced many aluminum windows that the salty moisture had practically dissolved themselves. Woodwrights are ok but they have had some minor problems with air and dust filtration between the sash and liner. Andersen has since beefed up the liner weatherstrip so the jury is still out on if this really has made a difference. Also, a good window is only as good as its installation. Beware of sloppy contractors.

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Pella windows are superior than Andersen and I'll tell you why. Andersone uses a vinyl cladding that uses fusion welds at the corners. Now these welds are extremely stong but ther problem is that vinyl (plastic) has a large expansion and contraction rate. With temps. ranging from 100 deg. to minus 0 your vinyl cladding will try to move but the fusion welds will not allow it. Whats happens?? The vinyl has to go somewhere so it either bows and buckles or it pulls away from the glazing. Ghink about it, take for example vinyl siding. When installing vinyl sididng you don't nail it directly to the house, you hang it. The reason is because you have to allow for the expansion and contraction. Secondly, vinyl fades over time, no if ands or buts about it.It will also chalk. Rub your hands across vinyl siding tha is a year or more old and you will notice that it chalks all over your hand, the same thing will happen with the window and will make it utterly a pain in the keaster to clean --- Now, in terms of Pellas aluminum cladded windows your are one getting a solid wood window but also a durable high gaged alauminum that does not fade or chalk. It does not use welds or other agents at the joints either, instead it miters its' joints and overlaps them in a watershed technique, just as roofing, siding, and all other H20 proofing does. Moreover, Pellas windows match the historic look of older homes much better then the rest which is one of the many reasons I use them. I have never had a problem getting historic approval in all of New England with Pella which I can't say for Andersen nor many others. Pella windows are constructed so much better its really not even funny. I messed aroun d for many years using different windows on my projects but for the last six to seven years I have only used/recommended Pella and have created a solid and satisfied base of people I ve built homes for that love their windows. Lastly, their service is truly been second to none in my book. They really stand by their product from my experience. So, in my 20 years of building homes on both coasts I have to say Pella is going to provide you with a better looking and more durable window.

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This is an old discussion but I'm hoping scottek might see a response and give a 5 year update on how the Woodwrights have held up. I'm about to sign a deal on 20 of them for my house.

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Pella doesnt fade???? Uhhh nothing fades faster than Pella Aluminum. Cheap Polyester finish. Black windows will be gray in 3 years. Some Other Manufacturers use a Kynar paint finish that will barely fade at all. The aluminum on the Pella sash is paper thin roll form Aluminum. Some better Manufacturers use extruded Aluminum which is about 10 times as thick and far more durable. While Pella does a better job matching historical homes than Andersen they are not tops in that category by a long shot.

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Hi window_mike - Thanks for sharing your feedback. Pella aluminum clad wood products are offered in EnduraClad (standard) or EnduraClad Plus (upgrade) exterior finish. Our website, offers a wealth of information including details on these finish options. We'd like you to connect with us so we can learn more about your experience or help to address any product related questions you may have about our offering. You can reach our Customer Support Specialists at 855-735-5232, or by emailing Have a great day! -Erin F., Pella Community Manager

Here is a link that might be useful: Pella Windows and Doors

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