Bed Rail fasteners?

nap101June 27, 2013

I've decided, against other people's better judgement, to build my own bed frame. My limited experience may play against me but my anal attention to detail and research might balance that out just enough. Hopefully enough.

I want to build it so that the bed rails can be removed from the head and footboard if I need to move. (it's a queen sized platform bed so there will be a center board support that goes to the floor). The wood will be cherry except for the side rail supports to hold the slats, the center support, and the slats themselves.

So my limited experience and tools has me shying away from the mortise fittings. I've been looking at a few on the rockler site and other places that attach to the inside corners. Some of the reviews for a few of them say the metal is flimsy and the attachments will loosen over time.

My bedrails will be 5/4 cherry 6 inches high. The posts they are attaching into are 2 1/4 square cherry. What would you recommend for the bed rail connectors?

Thanks so much.

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It's really hard to beat mortise and tenon joints and traditional bedbolts for putting a bed together. They aren't all that hard to cut and the mortise is hidden (you can insert a shim and don't have to tell anyone :-) . Even if it's a bit loose with the drawbolt pulling the parts together the bed will be solid. This construction allows you to separate the bed into four posts and the connecting boards, making moving a snap. With metal hangers you can't really do all eight corner connections without it being terribly floppy. I did one with hangers from Woodcraft and the joints flex something awful, plus it's awkward to move the high post head and footboards.

The tenons can be easily cut with a handsaw if you don't have a tablesaw (a 3/4 to 1" deep tenon is plenty) and the mortises can be roughed out with a drill and finished with just a chisel, or cut entirely with a chisel. It's one of the easiest and best joints you can learn.

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Look at the list of hardware suppliers I linked.

There are several different kinds.

And find a plan(Google bed frame plans) and have a good time!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bed rail hardware search

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