Jeld-Wen, ThermaTru Fiberglass or Provia Steel Entry Door

sandra_zone6September 24, 2010

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We are about to replace the original to the house, steel with double sidelites entry door on our 1984 built colonial. The frame on the current door is split, leaks cold air most likely due to improper installation. The door does not appear to be fastened to the house anywhere on 3 sides and the frame leaks cold air in the winter.

I have researched and am overwhelmed. I don't really want a wood looking door on my home. Some are okay, some look like a fake wood door even from a distance. We have 3 colors on our home: siding, trim and shutters, and I worry about adding a fourth so we would most likely opt for a painted door to make the shutters.

I like the Provia door, can't afford their fiberglass though. A steel door with their solitare glass will run me $5051 installed, prefinished from the factory. A Therma-Tru fiberglass door will run me $4900 unfinished, $6250 pre-finished for a stain job and does not include installation. A Jeld-Wen fiberglass door would come unfinished only, and is available for $3800 installed.

There is a huge price difference in these doors. I am tempted by the Provia door and that beautiful factory finish, but then the dealer I spoke to yesterday who sells Provia and Jeld-Wen said folks in my area lean more towards fiberglass. I have also priced out steel doors from Jed-Wen and Therma-Tru and they are half the price of the Provia steel. My dad told me, yes the 20 gauge Provia steel is thicker but that any of the steel doors will dent if they get hit by something. Keeping that in mind, one of the fiberglass doors I saw on display had a dent in it as well so looks like any door can dent.

Pros/Cons to steel vs fiberglass? Provia versus the other brands? Our budget was 5K but I can go a tad above it. I have only read positives about Provia, but have read of folks having issues with the other two at times.

Any help here? Thanks if you chose to respond.

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No question Provia makes the best doors whether it's steel or fiberglass. I don't think I have ever replaced an old Provia, but I have certainly replaced nearly every other brand including the cheap doors people foolishly buy from hardware stores. I'm kind of surprised you can't afford the painted Heritage Fiberglass Provia Door. It's a little more than the 20 gauge smooth steel, but not that much more. Have you looked at the texture steel Provia? My advice would be to get another estimate from a different Provia dealer. Don;t settle for second best when it comes to your doors. You will never be sorry for buying quality products.

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