Trying to cut an angle with jigsaw...and confused!

hearthside_im_all_inJune 18, 2009

Hi all,

This may be a really dumb question, but I thought I'd better consult some experts because I think I'm going around in circles. I'm a newbie so I may be missing something obvious...but the picture in my book doesn't seem to match the words. I'm working on a project that calls for a 35-degree angle cut with a jigsaw. This is a magazine rack made from two pieces that slide together to form an angle. The plan says to "tilt the jigsaw base to 35 degrees left", but my saw only tilts to 45 degrees. There's no way to set it to 35 degrees, unless I'm supposed to be aiming for the complementary angle? If the plans call for a 35-degree cut, are they really asking for 35 degrees off of 90, which would be 55? THAT I can hit! This is doing my head in...geometry was a REALLY long time ago!

Thanks a bunch!

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If you tilt the foot(the metal part that is tiltable) to 35 degrees----that will happen before you get to 45 degrees---it starts at perpendicular(if you use 90 it is confusing) and the tilt degrees start at 0, then one degree, then two---up to 45 Degrees.

Making a matching but opposite aggle cut with a jigsaw means the other cut has to be made in the reverse direction is the pieces are not identical. If the pieces are identical but mirror, makes no difference which direction they are cut.

The total angle when the two pieces are mated will be 70 degrees.

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Handymac, thank you. That helps a lot - think of perpendicular as zero degrees instead of 90. I ended up at the same place, I think - 35 degrees off of the perpendicular is a 55-degree angle from the other direction. And THAT matches the picture in my book, so I feel better! The plans gave directions for making a jig to set the blade angle, and the picture was showing a 55-degree angle instead of 35. But if I think of it from the perpendicular as zero, that makes sense...Thanks again! I think I'm ready to make my cuts today!

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