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haus_proudJune 1, 2008

We have a bay window in our kitchen. The window frames and sill are stained a medium shade of "oak," which blends with our oak cabinets, baseboards, and doors.

We need to replace the window sashes and window sill. The replacement sashes we have selected are available in unfinished wood. For the sill, we figured we'd hire a carpenter who will replace the water-damaged sill with something that has a thin veneer that we can stain.

Now our question: How can we plan the staining so that it will blend in with the window frame and the rest of the wood molding we have in the kitchen. I don't expect a "match" as such, but how do I achieve a look that sort of blends together nicely. Is there some reasonable low risk approach to selecting the right color stain that will bring the whole thing together, or is that unrealistic?

If I pick a stain that's too light, I can probably go over it with a darker stain. But if I pick a stain that's too dark . . . Help!

Thanks for your help.

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You should pin down the process by using scraps of the new sill and molding material for a test run before you do anything at all to the real parts. I know it would be nice to have more specific guidance, but stain is not so expensive that it's worth spending a lot of time cooking up a fail-safe plan. Get the material, sand it exactly as you would the real parts, choose the most likely looking stain color, stain, let dry, and topcoat with whatever you prefer - probably some sort of polyurethane. Tweak your method, lather, rinse, repeat until happy, then finish the real parts with confidence.

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Thanks, jon1270. I think i'll do that.

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Good advice from jon1270.

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