Connect inside switch to light timer

markag33April 15, 2012

Thank you in advance. I have a single pole switch which has TWO HOT BLACK WIRES (I tested them) + ground (also several whites twisted). Switch controls TWO outside lights. Trying to connect GE Timer with traditional: blk.,wht.,grn., red. Unsure as to which timer leads go to wires of present switch.

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"Unsure as to which timer leads go to wires of present switch."

It depends on what you are trying to create.

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In replacing the current switch (no pun intended) with the timer switch, the black lead goes to the incoming voltage (LINE) and the red lead goes to the lights (LOAD). The white gets added to the bundle of whites. Green goes to ground.
To determine which is the line side of the present switch, turn it OFF and check for voltage. Zero volts indicates LOAD side and 120 volts indicates LINE.

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