Service Cable from Meter to Load Center

monkeystomachApril 20, 2012

Hi Guys,

I need some electrical help. Below there is a rough, not-to-scale drawing of the meter and load center/main breaker that feed my house.

I need to replace my load center and by doing that, I will also need to replace the service wire that runs from my meter to the panel, because the current wires will be too short for the new panel.

Since I am going to be switching the service wires I would like to switch from AL to CU. My problem is that I cannot find a local vendor that has 2/0 copper SEU or SER available.

I know I can run 2/0 copper THHN from the meter to the panel but it is my understanding that it need to be in PVC.

My problem is that the meter and the panel are lined up back to back with each other; however, the meter is lower than the panel. The panel is flush mounted in the 2" x 4" exterior wall and I cannot figure out how I could possibly make that bend with PVC.

All suggestions are welcomed!



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Ron Natalie

Well, it needs to be in some form of conduit. PVC is just one of the options available. You can use a conduit body, which is a right angle fitting with a removable plate to allow you to pull around the corner. Alternatively you can put some box directly opposite the meter and another conduit doing the vertical run.

What do you have against aluminum SE wiring?

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Large size stranded aluminum has not caused any problems.

The mechanic blocks for termination are reliable.

The only thing different is the requirement for ant-oxidation coating on the conductors.

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