Info please from installer or manuf. of Patio doors.

Jean BoSeptember 15, 2010

Originally the patio doors were centered and had 2 12" +/- side lights on each side. I wanted to maximize the volume and look of glass so I put one side light 24" +/- to the side of each patio door. This is how I ordered it. My question is; I have been getting water in my house each and every time it rains. First we thought it was where the lock pins went into the threshold base, then we thought it was the screws that go through the threshold and anchor into the floor. We went to town cleaning and caulking one of the doors with the problem. Then it rained and again the doors failed to keep the rain out. So then we went to work with a hose and found that where the side light panel and the edge of the working patio doors meet, if you run the hose anywhere around that side light it floods into the house. How are door constructed? Is there suppose to be a gasket around the side light, or is this seam suppose to simply be caulked? Was something missed in manufacturing?

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Two questions: (1) are the sidelights mulled directly to the doors or are they in separate openings? (2) Is the water coming in between the frame and the glass or the frame and the sheet rock?

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Jean Bo

Thanks eastbay, the water is coming in between frame and frame. The glass panel is in a frame and then that is framed in as well. I would think that there would have to be something placed in between this area to stop driving rain. Actually we don't need driving rain now it just leaks period.

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