staining oak wood

truck_1958June 11, 2008

I have oak boards for the bed floor of a '58 Cameo pickup truck and would like advice in staining the boards. I want a light grey filler or stain in the grain and ebony on the surface. I know there is a method to accomplish this but I don't know how and would appreciate help for all that have been successful with this method. Thanks.

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The boards are white oak.

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I like the Black "stain" that IRON gives to oak

Take a bucket full of iron/steel....Nails, old tools, rusty hardware........and add one gallon of vinegar (white works fine)......Fill the bucket with water

After a few days.....pour off and save the resulting liquid........

Apply full strength to any "high tanin" wood......use a brush, flood coat or soak the wood........test with YOUR wood samples............Almost immediately the wood starts to darken......Chemically changing the color......the longer the darker.......YMMV

Since it is water based it will raise-the-grain.....

I personally call the color "Iron Oak"

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Adnorm, Thanks for the info. However, what I'm trying to acheive is answered. But, Thanks anyway.

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Adnorm, I made an error in my response to your post when I wrote "what I'm trying to acheive is, should be isn't answered by the iron oak process. Please check out my original post, if you want, and see what I'm trying to do. Thanks

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I would not be too quick to judge. The iron stain technique will give you a permanent black deep into the wood. You can then seal it and overglaze with gray which will stay in the pores when wiped off the surface. Abnorm got you halfway there.

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