Any makers of clay tiles around?

pghgardnewbieOctober 23, 2008

A quick question- I just got a great bunch of clay from a generous gal on Freecycle (a "former" mosaic artist, if you can believe there is such a thing!). It isn't the polymer type, it is air dry. The package has some really nice carved and embossed designs on it, so I thought that I would try to make some tiles out of it. Anyone have any experience with using this vs. poly? It would be for an indoor project, and wouldn't need to be super sturdy, but it does maintain some flexibility (according to the directions). It remains lightweight and is paintable, though.

I am planning on trying it anyway, so if I have any luck (one way or the other), I will post about it. Just thought I would ask, so that I don't waste it if it won't work! If it doesn't, at least the kids can play with it. ;-)



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Pg I dont't have any experience with making my own tiles YET. My to do list you know. All I can say is go for it. And have fun.

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you oughta be asking the person you got it from..that would be your very best bet, for the outcome of that type of clay.
I have the airdry type of clay and personally, I would only use it for doll faces, hands and other things, that wouldn't have any moisture around it, like grout, mixed with water.

if I was to make clay tiles, I'd be using the regular clay,used for pottery and have it fired.
I have that kind of clay, too but have only made things that were more of a sculpture art....lots of insense holders, little praying figures, kids busy with cars and other things to fire...
and then again, home depot has tiles for cheap, to paint and use for mosaics, so that's my suggestion.

I have several tiles but I'll be painting them and firing them, to make a mural, rather than a broken tile mosaic.
but that still constitutes a mosaic of sorts, doesn't it?

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pg- I have used that air dry clay when I couldn't find my other stoneware clay and I glazed and fired it as I do the other. (Only because I forgot which was which and got them all mixed up) You can paint with acrylics and spray with polyurethane or use the thermo hardening paint or glaze them. I have not had any trouble with any of them disolving or crumbling. Most of my work is for outdoors. Good luck with this endeavor.

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Thanks for the advice, everybody! I was thinking of making smaller tiles, about the size of a domino or smaller, and embossing them with stamps.I won't grout it, but I might try a few creative tricks to simulate it. I'll see what I have in my stash! I was thinking that I might try something small, like a picture frame to start. I have a Laurie Mika book on reserve at the library- she works a lot with mixed media and homemade tiles, and her work is really imaginative and lovely. My mouth just waters when I see work like hers (and some of the folks on this board, too!)- I wish that I had the time (and the money, and the ENERGY) to work on my stuff. Gotta sneak it in sometimes, in whatever way I can...

Sea/flag, I haven't worked with clay since my college days, and I don't have access to a kiln, so the regular ceramic clay is not really an option. I so loved throwing pots, though. What a stress reliever! On the list, as Katie says above. My list is getting so long that I am tripping over it some days. ;-)

The FIMO/polymer clay can be pretty pricey, too, but I am hoping that I can try it at some point.

Happy crafting,


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I have the desire to use the rubber stamps on regular clay also, PG. In fact, I just emailed FLAG that I want to go play at her place and try that technique soon. Good luck. I, too, love Laurie Mika's art. Took her workshop in Dallas a few years back, and have her book. She has inspired many artists. You see her inspiration in lots of artists' work.

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