How much room is there for negotiating?

peace_roseSeptember 18, 2009

We just got a bid from a company for some Marvin windows. It will be in the thousands, so I'm just wondering what the etiquette is. Is it customary for the customer to ask for a percentage off? We had a bid from another Marvin vendor that was about 5% less (apples to apples), but we like our guy better.

I feel a little embarrassed to ask this because I certainly want to make sure that the salesman gets a fair commission. But I don't really know what's common practice. Thanks so much!

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Does the salesman pay your bills or do you? The buyer is in control. If you got a 5% less, then he needs to at the very least match that. Common practice....this isn't like tipping at a restaurant, the common practice is for the buyer to get the price they feel comfortable paying and if you already know you have 5% less, then I don't see why you should settle for higher than that.

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Point well taken! Any tips for how to proceed?

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Open up your mouth and say, I have a lower price on the same windows from XXX. Will you do better? Remember, this guy is a salesman. They are easilly offended.

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If you have someone close to you, it may even help to role play ahead of time (other person pretends to be a salesperson) if you are uncomfortable in negotiations or consider yourself to be a "pushover" to say it frankly.

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