Harvey Window reviews

gwenrickSeptember 30, 2013

Had a contractor show me harvey windows; the Harvey Classic.
Im no expert but the window looked cheap and very flimsy.
The ufactor was only a .30 . Another concern was the spacer, harvey uses a
Tin plated spacer and not the new technology which is non metal.
I have seen quite a few brands and was educated thoroughly which is why i now know about spacer's, ufactor, and other important features.
I must of seen 6 window brands. The worst was silverline, mi windows, pella, and the harvey. The best were soft lite, okna, and the quantum 2 window.
I am about to make a decision and want to make sure my suspicions regarding Harvey are correct.

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I know the Harvey Classic product well. I do agree, its cheap looking and not made very well. The walls are very thin compromising any structural integrity and their energy efficiency numbers are very poor.
They also have what they call their high end window called tribute but that is mid grade at best and also has thin walls and poorly designed spacer system( tin plated).
Lots of guys around here use harvey because they are cheap but thats not in the best interest of their customers. They will say how they installed alot of them with no complaints bla bla bla...once they are installed and a customer paid a cheap price, who is really going to complain in a few years...
Dont get me wrong, harvey is not horrible, its basically a contractor window but still better than silverline or MI windows. Remember, harvey is a building products company who make all kinds of building material which means they DONT have a focus on windows.
The quantum 2 is very solid as is are the Okna, Affinity Ultra Series,and Soft Lite. sunrise vanguard or restorations is another solid choice. Stay away from the low end stuff, you will be doung your project twice.

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I agree with you, i do not want to purchase a window just because its cheap.
Its cheap for a reason. Harvey is scratched off my list.
Its now between soft lite elements and okna 800.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Those are two really good ones there.

They probably split pot about 50/50 when people see them.

I prefer the aesthetics on the 800 but I am neither the majority or the minority in that.

Great selections so far though!!!

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Although the soft lite elements is a great looking window and built extremely well, we chose the okna 800 with the antique brass hardware. The okna 800 is just a great looking window especially with the upgraded hardware.

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Great choice! I agree with the above posters and your reasoning as well!

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Agree. The Okna is at a much higher level than anything Harvey produces.
The okna 800 is a beautiful looking window.

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