Staining New Sliding Door??

dancingqueengwJune 1, 2008

I have a new Anderson sliding door. The trim is oak and the door itself is pine. I've never stained a door before, only an old oak table and that was years ago. So I would appreciate feedback on my plan. 1st sand door lightly w 400 grit sandpaper, wipe with tack cloth. Should I tape off the oak while I apply stain prep to the pine? After pretreat on pine sand again? Apply stain - I've had the stain special matched to my other woodwork. I have oil based pre treat and oil based stain. Sand again??? I have grids that snap out of the door so I though I would do those after I remove them. I also thought I would tape the glass off so I don't have to clean it. My understanding from reading the threads is to let the pretreat sit 24 hours, sand, stain, sand again and finish. I bought Waterlux to finish with and will wipe it. Once I'm done with the pine I thought I'd let it dry for a few days then tape off the pine and stain the oak?? Also there are a LOT of nail holes in the oak trim they put up. I can't find the powder to mix with the stain to fill them. What should I use?? Thanks for your help. I don't want to ruin this expensive door.

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Hope someone comes in here to help you. I wouldn't do anything to the door without testing for possible results. Perhaps get wood samples from Andersen to test your stain/finish technique on?

When I stain or custom finish floors, doors, stairs and trim, I always test first.

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Thanks for your response. When I had the stain mixed I gave them the wood samples to try to match. I did stain the pine part of the door and it's too gold in color. I did put thestain prep on the pine and it's not blotchy but is too gold. I'm going to stain the oak this coming weekend or at least test it. The strips Anderson gave me don't seem to be the same as what the door or trim is actually made of...since the samples looked closer than the actual. Any advice still appreciated. I also really need to know if it is best to sand again after staining but before sealing with waterlux. Thanks.

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