Where does your work go?

ernie85017October 25, 2011

What does everyone do with all the fantastic things they make? Can't keep them all! Give them to family, sure, but do they really like them or patiently nod their thanks to you> Do any of you sell them?

Just curious. This is a very productive bunch.

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I like to donate to fundraising auctions. Last summer my daughters softball team held a yard sale and I didn't have much around so I took all the (embarrassing) items from my shelves of shame... damn things sold like hot cakes... leading me to question whether my taste just sucks! LOL

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Congrats, NT, on selling what you don't feel comes up to your very high standards. We tend to do that w/our work - criticize it too much. Y'all know where mine goes - in the gardens cuz I got tired of making little dust catchers. My family (DD and DGD) requests so much, it's hard to keep up w/their requests and make the things I like for my gardens. Have given away to friends and sold far too many things that I wish I had back. Not selling anymore - selfish and want to keep them.

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LOL, Id live surrounded by beauty too... if it were for my boring husband! lol truely I'm surprised at what he's tolerated so far!

I'm preparing to make a coffee table and while on the floor drawing out the cartoon, he came in and said "what are we going to do with that"... I said uhhh, we could offer it up for raffle to raise money for the 7th and 8th grade England trip. He was so excited, he printed a pic of the cartoon to propose the fundraiser to the teacher in charge.

I haven't even made the thing yet.

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One of these days, he's gonna fall in love w/something and urge you to make it for keeps.

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Gosh I am like the rest !! I sell a lot of it ,I give a way a lot .I also donate to fundraising auctions give it away , put it in my garden and house .I am now making bird bathes for my sisters.I have decided to give a cross or something of that sort to friends who love one have passed on with a poem on it .Last longer than flowers.

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Would you believe I actually landscaped an area of my yard for the sole purpose that I needed a place to display my mosaics?

And now I've got so many projects for it lined up, I will be busy for years. If I could only get to them...Lately, my progress is slow because my spare time has been spent practicing Christmas carols. I'm working with a group of friends to put on performances at senior centers and rest homes in December. Wish me luck. I've never performed in "public" but it sounded like such a nice idea, I couldn't pass it up.

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Me too! A lot is in my home, my kids homes and every now and then I sell a piece or get commissioned to do a piece.

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I sold at craft fairs for a long time -- then made original creations to sell wholesale to a friend's store.
I've donated sooooo much ,too .... Probably a hundred pieces or more. I gave alot of gifts,too. Now I'm making things for myself . FINALLY ! LOL

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