Custom vs semi custom finish for cabinets??

margieb2June 21, 2007

Not sure if this is best posted here or on the kitchen forum but I'm wondering what, exactly, accounts for the differnce in finish between a semi-custom cabinet and a custom cabinet form a local shop. They both supposedly use catalytic conversion finish and both are done in a shop but I notice a diffence. Is it technique? Number of applications of varnish. Can a custom chop replicate a semi custom finish?



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I do some work for a custom kitchen shop that buys common boxes and shop-builds the customized stuff (half-walls, wine racks, desks, etc.) It all matches, so I'm guessing it's a matter of finishing technique, skills, materials, tools and processes. All things being equal, you should be able to get the same results.

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Are you using "custom" and "semi-custom" to refer to the cabinets or the finish? Custom cabinets are specifically made to measure to exactly fit your space. Semi-custom are bought pre-made and fillers are used to make the pieces fit the space.
A custom finish should use hand-applied stain with attention to evening out the variations in wood tone, and covered with sprayed pre-catalyzed lacquer. I dunno about "semi custom" - maybe everything is just sprayed, without the care regarding wood tone variations.

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