Studio DONE !!!!!!!!!

klingerOctober 20, 2009

Finally am moved into my studio. I feel like it took forever.

Janie came and helped me organize some of my glass. I loved unpacking all the stuff I'd accumulated and finding homes for it. I'm still not all the way in, but it's coming together.

Here's a view of the inside, I've got a full length workbench with my sink at the end. Shelves over head and beside it. I need more shelves. My big laundry tub sink. I wasn't sure if I should bother putting in a sink, lot's of you said to do it. I'm so glad I did, super handy. I've got a huge work table on wheels with a shelf for more storeage underneath. I hope to have workshops and it should fit 4\-5 easily.I did an acid stain on the floor, and then experimented with using the same stain on some cement projects. The out side of the studio , the flower boxes filled in and I hung a bit of art around the door.


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Cindy, I am sooooo green with envy, but am thrilled that you finally have a home to do your art. Job well done. I like everything you have done with your studio, but do agree, you probaly will need more shelving. Congrats


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This looks like every mosaic artists dream-Good for you and CONGRATULATIONS! Very well done. Can't wait to see all the wonderful creations you will crank out of there!


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Wonderful! You will enjoy it so much.

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It looks great! I'm so glad you posted pictures of it. I am sure you are going to love being in there. Since the redo on mine, that you inspired, I would rather be there than in the house most of the time. I'm sure that you will find the same thing. It is a wonderful space in which to work and get inspired. Congratulations on finishing it....and HAVE FUN!!!!!

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I want one!
What an inspirational enviornment!

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Absolutely wonderful, and oh, so pretty on the outside. Your rolling table looks like mine. The shelf underneath tends to be a catch-all, so I have to keep working at keeping it clean. Love your colors and the way you've organized it. hey, what's that face mask w/the hair like mine? How'd you do that? Especially like the floor color. WOW - you really crammed those window boxes full. What did you plant to look so lush and full?

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Oh It is so BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope to get mine next summer!!! Course could be the summer after that....But I'm not letting go of the dream.....It looks amazing and how wonderful to have such a cool space to create!!!! I love it!!!

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Glad you all liked it. I'm looking forward to spending time creating stuff. I've always wanted my own space and now to have it is wonderful.Slow those window boxes each had three wave petunias and a few nasturium seeds planted. They loved the sun and really performed. That face mask is made of concrete, I acid stained it. Janie-bo found a beaded wreath I had and fashioned it into hair.

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OMGosh it's beautiful Cindy!!!! Such a fun place to create in. Fun Fun Fun!!!!

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She already had her first ART Tour too!!! I came to help...but ended up playing like a kid in a candy store but I was at least there to point out to people that I was the model for Janie-Bo...even did my pursed lips!lol! (Cindy kept muttering something about getting me back to the home...?)Yes this studio is sooo amazing, these pics don't do it justice!!! With the skylights and patio door and three windows and a window in the main is so bright and wonderful!!! She didn't show all her stained glass section either! Love it!

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Naaaaw - CALAM - KLINGER wouldn't mutter stuff like that at you - huh uh! NEVER - I bet you were a model guest - LOL.

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WOW Cindy I know you have been working your fanny off to get this much done. I love all you have done. Beautiful job and love the colors. I am glad you didn't let the color scare you..I spent two weeks straightening my studio and it is a mess again. LOL
Are you and Janey going to draw on and mosaic your concrete walls? The outside is really pretty with all you have done.

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WOW!!! Cindy!I just LOVE your studio, so bright and cheery! You lucky girl you! I wish I'd known about your tour, I may have come for the day! darn! Sounds like Jane had fun, she's such a hoot!!

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Those cement wall are taunting me, lol.They are huge, 4 feet tall and about 30 feet long. I want to do something with them but I'm not sure I'm up to the challenge of mosaicing the whole thing. It would probably use up all my stash. I've thought of staining them, faux finishing them. I'm more leaning towards doing a band of mosaics down the centre of them, having it undulate with some swirls up and down.Also incorporating some cement or tufa shapes into the band of mosaics. This will be a huge job no matter what though. It would make sense for me to tackle it this winter when there's less plant life going on in it. Don't know though, worked hard the last six months getting this far, I'm feeling a bit tired.

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I love it, and great work on the floor too! I think you should have a party, I'll bring the wine! (We can pretend, right?)

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Your studio is fantastic!!! Loved seeing all of your work... and how neat and organized it is!!!

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