replace windows... anyone use these companies/local installers?

vieja_gwSeptember 22, 2011

3-4 yrs. ago I had our original old (but SO sturdy!!)metal single pane casement windows with 'Accent' windows (made in Colorado) & I guess a local franchise in Albuquerque installed them. Very happy both with the neat, efficient installers & the windows themselves! I had the beige vinyl frame windows installed but wanted the two front windows with dark brown trim so had to replace those two with aluminum frames and am happy with those also. Now another company I guess bought out the local installers & now called 'Accent Southwest' & variable comments on them. I guess one can buy great windows but must be careful who installs them?

Son wants to replace his 'generic' vinyl double pane windows installed by the home builder some years ago & was wondering about 'Champion' windows? Local installers of them here also.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The Champion window is okay but definitely an average performer for what they charge for it.

The more recommended vinyl brands are Soft-Lite, Simonton, and Sunrise.

If the windows are double pane currently, is your son sure that replacements are even necessary? Given that the windows are double pane, they are very likely not the largest source of energy loss.

What is the basis behind his desire for replacement?

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Couple windows with glass cracked, drafts coming from around windows, some screens torn,missing etc. ... not any where 'high end' windows installed by builder (Opal Jenkins) about 15 years ago & son bought it as a bank repo. 10 yrs. ago. House was in excellant condition otherwise & a good buy. Neighbors just had "Window World" install new double pane vinyl windows in their 56 yr. old home that had the original metal casement windowa so will see how they like them. Thanks for the info.!

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The problem with relying on whether others like their windows is that inveriably the answer will be a yes. That's because the only thing a new window purchaser has to compare the new windows to would be their 56 year old windows. So, of course they will say they really like them. The question is, did they get the best value?

I don't drive the same car as all my neighbors. Your own research is much more productive than relying on anecdotal enthusiasm from others.

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Why not go for Pella, I feel they are one of the very best out there. I installed 9(ordered thru Lowe's) on our place about 5 years ago; it is not that hard and the savings on heating and cooling is really good. I called around, got prices that were ridiculous, and didn't include the vinyl siding you will need to replace. I ordered the Pellas, fully loaded out, and had them delivered. I ordered two boxes of siding that matched our original siding. I did use the Pella tape around the fins and that really insures no air coming in that way. Our DW's are just like a stick house and with patience we can repair almost anything.

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Pella makes one of the poorest quality vinyl windows available. Only someone with very little knowlege of windows who was only looking for the lowest price would buy them. Aluminum spacers, single seal glazing, single durometer, single strength glass, crappy welds, thin walls, hollow sill with weep holes, poor performance grade and structural rating, high air infiltration and water penetration ratings etc. Basically, everything consumers are warned to avoid in vinyl windows can be found on Pellas.

And yes, we know, they are better than what you had and you haven't had any problems.....yet.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Pella make a decent wood window (Designer and Architect series) but their vinyl is unequivocally one of the larger pieces of junk in the market.

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I live in Albuquerque and am getting a quote for vinyl window replacements by Accent SW. I was impressed with their product and especially the clear and concise warranty. Ultimately, were you satisfied with your Accent windows and would you recommend them to others? Thanks.

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swhatch, I'm not familiar with the product, but I highly recommend a thorough evaluation of the thermal and structural performance ratings. Even the worst products can be made to sound great and have impressive warranties, but the ratings will tell you how it will actually perform, and give a very strong indication as to the overall quality.

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Are still well satisfied with the vinyl windows we had insrtalled in 2009 by 'Accent Windows' out of Colorado with an outlet here in Albuquerque. They no longer sell in this area but unfortunately sold out to a company in the same location called ' Accent Southwest' I believe, & have heard- other than the similar sounding name & location- the windows & work is not at all like the original one at all... & not recommended.

Year or so ago we had 'Window World' here in Albuquerque replace original old steel casement windows in another house. Price reasonable, installation was good also & some neighbors have also had these windows installed & are satisfied & recommended them to us. Not top of the line but we are satisfied with them.

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No offense vieja, but don't confuse windows that are merely less than the "top of the line" with those that are bargain basement, and literally offer the absolute cheapest product and installation that money can buy. I'm not referring to that local company as you are out of my area so I don't know them, but if they are in the same price/quality spectrum as the $190 installed crowd, I'd like to hear your review again 10 years from now.
Your home, the largest investment of your life is not the place to skimp and go cheap in upgrading, but that is just my two cents. Some people can afford to pay twice I guess.
Incidentally, we are on a job right now where we had to remove a guy's deck and replace a part of the wall and rim joist because of the poor window installation that has been leaking for 9 years. Company that did it is out of business. Saved $150 per window, now he is spending over $10k just to fix the problems that came from it, plus the replacement of his junk windows, over a quarter of which have seal failures and major drafts.

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And Window World has one of the worst reputations for product and installation quality that I am aware of.

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Great comments karate guy and millworkman.

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