Building a Picnic table

bibboJune 10, 2010

So I am building a small table for kids and thier friend.

This table top will be bolted to (3) 6x6 redwood pillars.

What I am uncertain about is the top.

It dimensions are 30"W x 72" long.

The perimeter is 2"x4"x 6'redwood. There will be another 2"x6"x6' REdwood piece down the middle. Then to fill the gaps there will be 1x2's all separated with a 1/2" gap.

Now the perimeter, I can countersink screws and then fill with wood caps.

It is the 1x2's that I am uncertain on how to affix. Becasue they will be surrounded by 2x4's I dont want to drop screws into them. Should I try to nail them or bolt from the bottom with a thin piece of wood.

Also is there a way to upload a drawing? this will all make way more sense if you see it.



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Just posted a pic. Hope this clears things up.

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I can think of a few ways to attach the 1x2s:

- Pocket screws from the bottom

- Attach a cleat on the 2x4 to support them from below and screw up through it

- start out with a 2x6 and make a 3/4" deep rabbet for the end pieces. On your lateral 2x4 and 2x6 cut a matching rabbet and make them a half-lap along with the overlapping 1x4.

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