storm door orientation

neilwSeptember 11, 2010

I am trying to figure out the best orientation of my soon-to-be-ordered storm door and front entry door.

The porch leads to the front door from the right side, so I would very much like the storm door to be hinged on the left. The current door is hinged on the right, and I find it a big nuisance when carrying packages in to need to walk "around" the storm door to enter.

The entry door is presently also hinged on the right (looking from outside). So, if we flip the storm door but keep the entry door the way it is, we'll have the two doors "opposite". I'm not enthusiastic about this, though one installer told me he installs lots and lots of doors that way.

The problem with flipping the entry door is that the interior is somewhat geared towards the current orientation. There's a closet 2' to the left of the door; presently the door swings towards the closet, and you enter away from the closet, into the more open part of the room. Flipping the entry door would put the entry point closer to the closet, and the door would swing into the open part of the room. I don't know how much of a problem this would be (if at all), but I've had one warning against doing it.

So, I'm left with picking the least of three evils:

1) the current orientation, where I have to walk around the storm door

2) flip the storm door only, and have the storm and entry doors be "opposite", or

3) flip both doors, and have the interior swing of the entry door be less than optimal (again, I don't know how bad this would be.)

Any advice?

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