Stepping Stone and Another Cross

wishdishOctober 17, 2011

The colors are not as vibrant in this photo as they actually are. The cross is mainly purple, not blue.

Here is a link that might be useful: stepping stone and cross

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How beautiful. Your work is so precise and well done. Love the colors, and the placement of the shards on the cross - criss/crossing the plate shards gives more movement and interest. I recognize the blue plate on the stepper. Very nice projects, WISHDISH.

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Thanks! Actually, that blue plate is purple. My pic is not showing true colors :( It was a really thick plate. Wasn't sure i was going to be able to use it for anything. Glad i could use it here. It's fun to be able to put some pics on after such a long time. I hope to get involved in the forum again! Everyone here is so inspiring.

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Both are lovely! Gotta love black grout!!!(My personal fav!) There was a pic in there of Texas football? Is that were you are from?

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thanks everyone. calamity - yes, i live in the dallas area, flower mound to be exact!

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My daughter lives in Carrollton. You are visiting distance from me - Texarkana - just three hrs. away. W/love for you to visit. I have two guest rooms, and you can spend more than a few hrs., if you like.

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Very pretty !! I also love your bird bath just got through making 2.I have a dear friend that lives in Fower mound .

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Slow, thanks. Actually, you and I have talked of it before, my visiting that is. It's definitely on my wishlist. Right now it's marching band season though. You and I actually met a few years ago at a mosaic get together that someone of the forum had. I feel bad that I can't think of her name right now. I'm the one that was making the blue and white china stepping stone. And I left you with some wall candle holder thingies for your TBM collection!

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Oh, I remember that day, and now remember your beautiful stepping stone you were making. Good GRIEF! My memory is sooooo bad. I was wishing just the other day that I could think of the forum member who hosted that day and wondering why she doesn't post here anymore. The candle holder never got mosaiced, but hangs on my patio holding one of those glass insulators w/a battery candle. Always meant to make a couple more of them, but you know how plans get pushed outta line.

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Wonderful Very impressive!

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