Outlets failing intermitantly

evaf555April 14, 2012

There are three outlets in my bedroom that occasionally stop working. Last night was the second time I noticed it. I did have a space heater, clock radio, an an LED light, but since the first fail, it's just the light.

Last night I tried to turn on the light, and it didn't work. The other outlets on the circuit didn't, either (just like the first time) Oddly, if I left the light switched on, it flashed every few seconds. I didn't time it, but it seemed like regular intervals. As of this morning, the outlet is working again.

The circuit breaker hasn't ever tripped, to the best of my recollection. The electrical service to this house was upgraded when we moved in in 2002.

Anyone have an idea what might cause this, and more to the point, how to remedy the situation?

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Check for back stabbed receptacles.

The are notorious for failing, and a heater load a likely to cause them to fail faster.

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