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ernie85017October 4, 2011

i HAVE FOUND a place that does buyouts of alll sorts of building matierals. I went last weekend andf cmae home with a moderate amount of 4x4 tiles in several nice colors, some in smaller sizes.I had not even consicered using "real" tiles, but cut up old plastes, etvc.

He has big tiles, little tiles andf nroken ones you can pick through. Nice young man of 25. You'll have h=to get him to tell you the story of when he started.

Our Deals, Your Savinbgs 2602 W. Holley, east of 27th avenye. It has black wrought iron fience, but there is a place where you candrop in and a door labeled to get you in. The young man is very nice and helpful annd I told him to expect several small flocks of birds down there to check out his tile. He was going to quit the tile, but if he can make buyouts of the kind we want, then it woud=ld be worthwhile for all involvled.

I have his card and his name, but can't revcall at the moment. THeyt were hoinh yo make a promotion, give a wayh some small prizes. I hope I am not cyttubg ny tile source plavre oo there will be a swarm of mosaicists swarm down on him like hunhhyr bees and take it all away.

How I think I should have bought mre.

They have a website called Our Deals, Your Savings . so far.


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Holy cow. Please excust the above post.
I must have been sleepwalking! Such bad typing. No, I was not drunk, but I should have been in bed.
This is a kind of salvage place. There are lots of colors of tile, some sorted, some not. I was so pleased to find a source that wasn't so expensive. These are not "mosaic" tiles, per se. Mostly the kid of tile you would use in a kitchen or bathroom. 4x4 were 10 cents each, 6x6 were 25 cents each.
Our Deals, Your Savings,
2602 West Holly
27th Ave, just north of Encanto

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