Finishing Red oak cabinets stain/glaze Question???

vickigalJune 28, 2009

I am overwhelmed with massive new unfinished red oak cabinets. Looking to simplify finishing. Can I just put a glaze with dark stain on the raw wood? to antique the crevices, for first step? and then just put couple coats clear varnish? Viola! Done??? Thanks for any help!

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Try anything you decide on a piece of similar wood first---it is difficult to remove stains.

Yes, you can do what you suggested. Sanding will need to be done after each step---except the last one.

However, as most woodworkers find, finishing properly can be more work than building the project. A good finish needs proper preparation(oak does not take much), proper application of stain/colorants(again, fairly simple with oak---especially if the stain is hand applied with a rag/brush) and correct application of final finish(follow the manufacturer's instructions with NO short cuts!)

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