Dishwasher elec. service disconnect?

sorethumbsApril 22, 2010

Can anyone tell me if a dishwasher needs a service disconnect @ the appliance. I'm talking about a simple non-fused switch under the cabinet, or in the cabinet under the sink adjacent to the dishwasher. Is this a code requirement? This would be residential with the main service panel in the basement (1 floor below the diswahser) THANKS!

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Also, if this is a requirement, are there specific intallation locations specified (distance from bottom of cabinet, distance from back of cabinet, etc.)?

Thanks again!

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Yes a disconnect is required for a dishwasher. It could be the switch on the unit if it is marked with an off position and disconnects all ungrounded conductors. It can also be the circuit breaker if it is within sight of the appliance or has provisions for locking in the off position. These breaker locks are available and can be installed on existing breakers. It could also be a motor rated light switch, installed within sight of the appliance controlled.

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Thanks groundrod. In this case the disconnect will be a light switch (thanks for the motor rated requirements for the switch). It will be located in a cabinet under the sink directly next to the dishwasher. Question: Are there any restrictions on the location of the switch within the cabinet? (distance from bottom, distance from back, etc)

Also the diswasher circut is dedicated (15amp, 14 AWG) but not GFCI protected. Is that ok?

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Never seen a disconenct on dishwasher unless it was a plug in.
Can you give a code reference. I want to look it up.

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I would usually place the switch in the adjoining cabinet in an easy to reach location. No requirement there other than within sight of appliance controlled. This is for the protection of a serviceman so that someone out of sight does not energize the equipment while being serviced. The gfci would not be required unless the mfg. installation instructions called for one.
The code requirement would be 422.30. I too used to cord connect them to a receptacle, but 422.16(B)(2)put an end to that on all the units I have installed since.

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In the case of a cord-and-plug-connected appliance... isn't the PLUG the disconnect?

If it's unplugged, it's most definitely disconnected.

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Groundrod, would it be ok to mount a j-box directly to the frame of the dishwasher itself? This would be behind the lower access panel.

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not all dishwashers are cord and plug. If it is, yes the cord serves as the disconnect. If it's hardwired the easiest thing to do is put a lock off on the breaker. I hardwire all dishwashers and put a lock off on the breaker. Never been turned down for it.
Much easier and cheaper than what you're talking about doing.

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Mounting to the frame behind the panel would be a question for the AHJ or inspector. The cord and plug connection has been limited by 422.16(B)(2) which in part states: Built-in dishwashers and trash compactors shall be permitted to be cord-and-plug-connected with a flexible cord identified as suitable for the purpose in the installation instructions of the appliance manufacturer where all of the following conditions are met: So if it is not in the instructions, you can't do it and meet code requirements! The breaker lock is as hexus says the easiest, quickest and probably cheapest solution and is code compliant.

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